Fantasy Book Reviews | February & March Reads

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fashion just for you says:

Read book reviews in my blog

William Scales says:

hey im young book writer in would like feed back. i was woundering if you could. i will send it to you if you can thank you.

Nicole Davis says:

I'm really late in watching this video! I love your videos and its refreshing to get many adult book recommendations. I just picked up the first Robin Hobb book. I am listening to it on audiobook. Wondering should I just let it go, it's meh… Is there any romance in this book? Did you continue with other series?

dearwillym says:

Hi Mercedes. I love your book reviews. have you read Terry Goodkind's Sword of truth series? I am currently starting to read it myself and I think you will love it too.

regards from California 😉

Tahlia Newland: Editor, Author & Artist says:

There are sooo many books out there to choose from these days. It's a smorgasboard for readers but so hard for authors to find readers. A lot of good books are simply overlooked because they aren't from mainstream publishers. They're the ones I try to find because they're different, and I like something a bit different. Still got to have the good plot, characters and so on, of course.

Alice Jackson says:

I've only just started following your channel, so I don't know if you have already read these books, but as your liked Retribution Falls I HIGHLY recommend The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. He has a beautiful knack of writing witty mysteries and his characters have a similar feel to those in retribution falls.

Aaron Briscoe says:

I've just read A Wizard of Earthsea. My main issue was *SPOILER ALERT* the anti-climactic ending when he and the shadow came together, I kind of felt cheated after the long chase. I was also really disappointed with the dragon chapter because I was hoping for battles and excitement but other than that I loved the description and the ideas of it.

Coralyn Boivin says:

have you ever read any karen miller?

Natalia Galchenko says:

The first time I read A Wizard of the Earthsea I was around 10 and I absolutely loved it. I reread it a few times as an adult and I can understand why you were disappointed with it, but because it left such a deep impression on me as a child I still see it as one of the best fantasy books I've ever read. To me both the characters and the story seemed amazing. Some books should just be read at the right time, maybe?.. On the contrary, I didn't really enjoyed the continuation to the first book, which I read when I was around 18, so…

Alric J. Zaethe says:

I am so surprised that you liked Retribution Falls and the subsequent books. Those were appalling and terribly written.

281401 281401 says:

You´re speaking so fast 😀 don´t forget to breathe, please!
Sometimes it´s a bit exhausting listening to you speaking extremely fast but I really like your reviews.

Jodi Piotrowski says:

Awesome video, I'm excited I found your channel. I'm interested in doing more book reviews on my channel and it's inspiring to see your in depth and informative reviews. I love your passion for reading! 🙂

world wide library says:

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Bancroft Boreland says:

Greetings.  I enjoyed watching this. I like the way you break things  down. You sound very genuine in your review of each book. Keep reading…

Daphnut says:

Hi, I've just made a new youtube channel and my first video is a few book reviews with my friend. If you have time please can you watch my video and give me some feedback.
Thanks 😊

violettiger21 says:

Oh noooooo, I've just started on the first if the Farseer trilogy!! And this is probably my first fantasy read too (unless you can count Harry Potter hehe)! Feel a bit apprehensive now as I'm not a very "good reader", in that I really have to force myself to bother with new books but I've recently been making more of an effort….hmm, think I'll continue with Assassin's Apprentice at least. What would you recommend for a newbie to fantasy? I recently bought the first Game of Thrones book but it's intimidating just looking at it! 🙂 Love all your videos by the way!

Kathleen Ann says:

I was hoping you would end up reading something you didn't have to suffer through and am happy the last two were 4 star reads for you. Given that I've not read much fantasy I am glad for your recommendations since I wouldn't want to read a few 2 star reads in a row and have that put me off reading fantasy all together.

Erika's Epilogues says:

I read Wizard of Earthsea when I was 14 or so and I remember enjoying it, but when you talked about the plot I realized that I literally remember nothing about it. I'm sorry you didn't love Assassin's Quest. I'm going to read it in April, and we'll see how it goes. At least it's still a beautiful book 🙂 Do you have any idea if you're going to read her series in publication order from here out or kind of skip around? I've heard so many great things about Retribution Falls. I must buy a copy!
Thanks for lovely reviews, as always!

FinalBlowJoe says:

My views on Assassin's Quest is pretty much the same as yours, I always had issues with the series from the start so my expectations were very low. I love the Ketty Jay books; fast paced, fun with great characters is my way of describing them very quickly. I'm reading A Wizard of Earthsea in May and I'm keen to get to it due to the mixed opinions.

tiffany anne says:

The Liveship Traders is so much better than The Farseer trilogy. The magical elements are really unique and the character development is fantastic. it's been awhile since I've read the Liveship trilogy but I remember flying through it much quicker than the Farseer. The rest of The Realm of Elderlings series is wonderful as well, although if you didn't like Assassins Quest, I'm not sure you'd enjoy the newest release.

Patti's Book Nook says:

You're so correct! I haven't been a big series reader before Booktube, but now I feel like it's hard to differentiate between the books in a series because I have the character attachment/enjoyment of the world. Not sure where the need for making these books more and more massive comes from (do publishers/editors encourage or is it simply the author's intent?). Wonderful reviews, very thorough as always:-)

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