Fall Book Recommendations [spooky thrillers, horror books, and dark academia] 🍁🍂🎃

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gabbyreads says:

Click here https://sbird.co/3jTvRmj ​and use my code GABBYREADS to get 30% OFF your first month at Scentbird. What’s your favorite fragrance? Comment below! 😍

Pizza says:

Ive read SO many books recommended by you!! I think we have like very similar taste when It comes to reading books so it is just perfect!

Rogue Blackwood says:

Ughh the chizmar annoyed me and there's a lot of boring backstory all at the beginning not a fan

Yasmin Aiyari says:

I have read almost all on your list and all based on your recommendation. I loved in my dreams I hold a knife. I will strongly reccomend you read KILL ALL YOUR DARLINGS BY DAVID BELL it has everything you want in a thriller.. dark academia( set in school), stolen plot and a mysterious murder with a student and professor as the main characters

Joseph Burgin says:

I loved all the recommendations but I'm with you I loved the Maidens

Karina S says:

i need more books like vicious!!

Rocio Cartes says:

I am in the minority, but Bunny was overrated. 😭

Elba Maria Sosa-Velasco says:

I saw your live show yesterday. I didn't mention this because I was afraid to be laugh at. Karen White has a series of books with the spookiest ghosts ever read. The first book is The house on Tradd street. There are a lot of angry 😡, very angry ghosts.

Christina Campbell Books says:

I really enjoyed The Turn of the Key and The Shadows. Both great books! Definitely want to read The Four Winds this year. I've been trying to get more into historical fiction this year and that's a time period that I know very little about too!

Iprimeitup says:

Great recommendation , out of all these books you mention which one do you think would be a great movie or tv show?
I love fall but the temperature gets on my nerves one moment it's cold the next its hot.

Whitney West says:

I have tried and tried to start Boogeyman and it just isn’t gelling with me.

Alex Thomas says:

I picked up “in my dreams i hold a knife” on your recommendation and it did not disappoint. I had a lot of fun with it and loved every minute of it.

I think you’d enjoy “Black Chalk” by Christopher Yates— dark academia and very tense thriller.

I also think that you’d enjoy “The Ruins” by Scott Smith, even though you DNF it before. That book haunted me because of the characters and, ignoring the somewhat clunky style, it is a really claustrophobic, disturbing, and scary novel at heart that is absolutely genius in its presentation and it’s message.

NicMae says:

I read the invisible life of Addie LaRue last fall going into winter and it was the PERFECT time to read it

Therese says:

I just read She Was The Quiet One by Michele Campbell, which takes place in the fall at a private school in New Hampshire. Great atmospheric spooky fall vibes 🎃

Aimee Marissa says:

I read the maidens but dnf it 🤭 I was so sad I was really excited when I bought it 😭

Autumn Ritchie says:


Troy Maziarz says:

#gabbyreads Rank favorite thriller and mystery and who done it movie

Take Care Mama says:

Another great thriller for the fall is The Woman in the Window.

Sara Rogers says:

I recently read imaginary friend and I LOVED it. There are so many I want to read this fall idk how I’m gonna get to read it all lol

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