Exit West by Mohsin Hamid | Book Review

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Patty Arenson says:

Totally agree about the spell you fall under while reading this, well said. The writing definitely has a cadence and a rhythm that lends itself to being read in one sitting. I've never really read anything with quite this writing style, and in the end I felt it definitely added to a dream-like or otherworldly feeling that carries through the story. Great review.

Melissa Chapman - Aït Belaïd says:

This was a refreshing, honest take on the lives of young people who are often mis-characterized because of their countries of origin, religion, or life circumstances. Hamid creates a portal through which common aspects humanity shines through.

Nona Podschlne says:

Great review! Anxious now to get started!

Runwright Reads says:

I just read Exit West and agreed with a lot of your comments. I read it over 2 sittings and think that helped me to stay in the story. There was a lot of the places in the novel where I felt like I could place myself as an immigrant who hasn't had the easiest time in a foreign country. I liked Hamid's suggestion to the question of what to do about the refugees – allow them to help build the city, give them a place to stay and let them pay a tax to the people who lived there first. it seemed like a simple but workable solution, but one he quickly abandons in the story, as though even in his suggestion, he is saying the problem can't be fixed except by running away again.
I appreciate the book and like his social commentary and the ending made me weep.

Karen Koutsoumbaris says:

Would love to be in the giveaway since I didn't select this book for my BOM just don't know what you said to be in the giveaway

Recca says:

I love this review, so glad I stumbled upon your channel!

Paradise Lost in Books says:

Great review! I just posted mine and you talked about some stuff I missed and wish I had addressed! I totally agree about him putting readers into the story. Obviously as a white western woman I can't truly empathize with their plight, but Hamid really made me feel for these characters. Also I appreciate you explaining the side stories throughout. For me they were distracting but hearing your take on their purpose really illuminates their function in the story. Awesome review!!

daffy more says:

This book is written very well. Just finished reading it and I may be from a rich country, yes but its full. As full as it can be. I write books myself for years and they are also about doors to freedom. Places on earth where there are no cars, no pollution etc.
But for Nadia and Saeed things are even worse because they have a war on top of that and they are trying to escape it. The English Island which they perch is a no go. Duh… There are about 35 million too many English men walking around which no one knows what to do with. Then they arrive together with a couple of Thousand African People…
Full equals Full², excessively well written. This book, really everyone should read.

Shenelle Gaston says:

I truly enjoyed this book, I kept seeing the parallel between this and the Underground Railroad, the magical realism used in both books helped with the sting of reality.

Runwright Reads says:

Another great review. I put this one on my TBR too. I'd entered the giveaway. Still hoping to win 🙂

WellDoneBooks says:

I loooooooved this book. Couldn't help but give it 5 stars. And I 100% agree that this is timely but also timeless. It's totally spell-binding, and I read it in 2 sittings, like you said. I thought the writing was so surprising. He balances this sort of detached way of telling the story but is able to fluidly move between the characters perspectives so well. I was completely enchanted and can't wait to read more from him.

Belinda's Book Nook says:

I love your analysis on books and I appreciate the tips you provided too. I am adding this to my TBR.

yesknopemaybe says:

Just finished reading this and I think you're right about it probably being better in one sitting. I actually really liked the ending, but had to work to get through some of the magical realism elements since that's not usually a genre I am super into. Loved hearing your thoughts and will definitely be seeking out his other books!

Sharon says:

Great review, thanks! I definitely want to read this, and if I don"t win your contest (ha, ha!!), I am going to order a copy from BOTM next month… I just wish I'd picked it this month! I am very interested in reading, what is to me, new, diverse books about different people and cultures, and this is certainly, like you mentioned, very timely, and getting a lot of buzz! Take care!

Myra Khan says:

Mohsin Hamid is my favorite Pakistani author and as a Pakistani myself, it's great to be able to see us being represented for something positive. I absolutely love this book and his play on the form of writing. I liked what you said about the ending !!!

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