Everyday Witch Tarot Review

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Welcome to my first ever youtube video reviewing the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake.

Here is the flip through of the entire deck from Darkstar Witch: https://youtu.be/YufI8Zy8SHk

I mentioned the Tiffany Aching series of books written by the wonderful late Sir Terry Pratchett. The titles are:
The Wee Free Men – 2003
A Hat Full of Sky – 2004
Wintersmith – 2006
I Shall Wear Midnight – 2010
The Shepherd’s Crown – 2015
You can read about the series here:

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southcounty sue says:

I just bought this tarot deck as my first ever. I have enjoyed it during being furloughed.

Wild Ray says:

Such a great video! I wasn't sure if I needed this deck. Yes, I wanted it because its art kind of reminds me of Practical Magic, to be honest. And I watched multiple videos on this deck but your video finally made me buy it. I am so excited to learn more about this deck and see these little stories!

Summer Breeze says:

Thank you Lauri, congrats on your new channel, luv the deck I'm going to get one NOW! it's so beautiful. being an animal lover and vegan it really resonates with me luv nlight x

lady Blindwolf says:

The queen of cups was pregnant also

Secret Witch says:

I loved this the video was so unique and I didn’t know about the little Easter eggs now I’ll be able to use them in my readings when I get the deck. I just ordered that one and the tarot in wonderland deck and can’t wait to use them. Thanks I love the video and your personality.

The Feathered Hag says:

Great review and first video. I really like this deck and find it so easy to read and it’s pretty dead on with readings. Thanks for sharing this deck 😊

Life path 6 says:

Love that deck, it's on my wish list now. Very good first video, thank you !

Phoenix Jordan says:

Very helpful. Thank you ❤️

Kelly Bear says:

This was a great review. I DO hate naked babies on a horse in The Sun! I really like this deck but the whiteness of it puts me off. Argh!

barnuski29 says:

I love your video – thanks!

Clare Gerhardt says:

I love how there are cats in many cards. I love it~!

Arcadia says:

That was a great review! You should definitely do more of them. I love your stories and keen observations of the cards:)

Lou Etc says:

Oh this is one of my favorite hierophant card Deborah! I love the modern look and gentleness of the card, the sweet colors. The hierophant represents tradition that we have to respect and learn in a way, but the usual imagery give no choice (rider waite, marseille, …) : you HAVE to listen to the pope. During 16th century people couldn't experiment the freedom to listen to I guess. And now, we can choose our ways and teachers. So a meditation/yoga teacher could definitively be the kind of 'teacher'/guide I can open up.
The fact that the witch doesn't wear a hat and does not have a cat? Maybe the will to let go the need of tools, tricks (and ego?!).
Many thanks for showing that deck!! 🙂

Anahata Rose says:

You did great! x

Suzanne Emmett says:

Great review. Well done

Pepper Ann says:

Thank you 😊 I ordered mine and I can't wait to get it 😊👍love the cats 🐱❤️

Suzi Petito says:

Just a thought re: the Heirophant: it can represent organized religion, as traditionally that's what was pictured in the first tarot decks, as well as Pamela Coleman Smith's deck. Today, that image (thankfully), has morphed into one of a Teacher – the one who teaches you how to relate to the ever widening world that the Seeker travels through. Yoga does teach both the body and the mind, so I hear; although, I have never been able to sit still enough to try it as a practice. 🙂

Suzi Petito says:

Just opened my Everyday Witch Tarot, too. Every card makes me smile – even at 66, I'm still able to "get my younger self" to take over. This Tarot deck does it. I am going to purchase a 2nd one……….Great review, which I am sharing with friends:-)

Stephanie Hider says:

Love the video one thing that is synced is the capes in all the suits which really stands out in the air suit which has a pattern.

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