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Reading some quotes and analyzing the book “Elf Quotes” by the Silver Elves. I highly recommend this beautiful book full of deep wisdom!

Find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Elf-Quotes-Collection-Ancient-Sayings/dp/1539828778

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High Elven Wisdom And Love says:

Extra Notes~
The Silver Elves series are authored by a man and woman, you will learn when you get the books. Due to respect for their anonymity they act out for the voices of the Silver Elves, I won't put their names but you can find it if you search.

A few other favorite quotes I wanted to read, but did not get a chance to:

"How can we be but humble when faced with the vast beauty and immensity of the Creation of the Divine Nature. How can we be but thankful for being allowed to share in that Creation in however so small a way."

"We call it the Elven Way, but we could call it the Faerie Way, the Fair Way, the Way of the Fae, the Way of the Shining Ones, or even the Way that begins in your Dreams and ends in the Life Magical."

"The Way is Individual but always considers what is fair for everyone."

"What does it take to tread the Elven Way? Everything you have. All of your heart, all of your soul, and all that you do every night and day.

"Unlike many others, Elves do not hire mercenaries to fight our battles for us. Those of us who believe in a cause Fight for it. This is our way."

The Elves say the Path is like a tree growing in all directions at the same time."

"The Way of the Elves is quite simple. They say be yourself, do your magic in harmony with Nature and the Divine and encourage others to do the same. And all things shall in time turn out perfectly and as they were always meant to, which is to say, as we've ever desired and wished them to be."

"while most people divide the world between what is beautiful and what is ugly, elves see the beauty in nearly everything and yet ever seek to make things more lovely."

"We Elves sometimes call the Apocalypse the "End of and Error."

heru raha says:

Haha the elves are the whole reason why I read Tolkien 😂
Love and light 🙏💜🌳

AniSci Hermit says:

I have been watching your videos slowly and really like them especially the peace they offer. This video on this book, however, made me look back on many things and still I raise one big question mark?. I don't normally put myself out there like I am about to but at this point in life I really don't care lol. So many things sound so good but the only thing that seems to work for me is to be a recluse and to live as a hermit alone 24 hours a day seven days a week. Most people could not live like this and they would probably go insane. When I say alone I mean alone, I see my folks but once a week and other than that I do not conversate with anyone besides my dog and cat or even go out for that matter unless by myself. I began this over two years ago, but have had many solitary times throughout my 42 years of life. Sometimes I would like someone to talk to but the times I have not been solitary has always led to very bad things such as relationships, friendships etc. Why do I have a big question mark? 1.) I have always been different in more ways than one and others whether they know it or not can sense it in which usually leads to a bad outcome. 2.) From ages 3 until now I see things others don't some come in visions, dreams or hit me like a ton of bricks like an intense Deja vu.3.) This does not stop here I tend to know when someone is lying to me and wishes me harm ( I see through people) a little hard to trust when you actually know. However, in my younger years I tried to shrug it off, even subduing it with substances and by doing so it led me to some very bad spots not heeding the knowledge. 4.) Every person I have come into contact my whole life has some sort of agenda and some really do as they do for no reason. For instance at age 4 I used to play with two girls my age out of nowhere one of them slit me down the face with a box cutter. 5) relationships and friendships always involved trying to manipulate me, use me, or even to take me down especially when I wouldn't fall for it. I would always try handling these things in a nice matter but if that did not work I never had a problem standing up like a soldier would. 6.) Visions and weird stuff, other planets, human species with pointed ears that lived on another planet, technology in regards to space travel, total sufficient living, weapons most of which had electromagnetic wave properties. Same looking species but I was part of them we landed on a planet I had a daughter and a wife but she was called an overseria. In visions, we had capabilities that made it so we were able to just look at anything of nature and natural origin and manipulate it. Such as making a house out of vines just by looking and thinking, furniture, even manipulating a blade of grass into a flying creature not like what we see here. The whole race was nature orientated but had a very high technology. This technology was nature-friendly though and did nothing to influence it like today's tech.7.) After years of dealing with nothing but crap from people I ended up on a very bad path that most would never snap out of. But one night as I was begging to go home to where ever it is I am from and to leave this place a female voice whispered. It said your pain is over now you have done what has been needed. I thought I had finally lost my mind but from that night on I never touched another substance, I had no want of relationships sexual or otherwise, and being alone was easy because in a sense I wasn't. It also led me down the path of studying things that actually fixed my health such as going vegan and Ayurveda being I was already at death's door knocking. On this day I am healthier then I was when I was 16. I have studied many paths and I think this woman who is my teacher that seems to be with me has shown me them all for a reason. From Buddhism, Hinduism, Celtic spirituality and Paganism, Mythology, Longbow and recurve archery, self-teaching myself to play the harp, and now this interest in elves because how they look so similar to my visions not even incorporating what I have seen just taking a simple hike alone in the woods. I am not even going to go into the other weird things such as items showing up out of nowhere that has to do with visions. I am even now diving into the fact that elves were written about in Germanic and Norse mythology. As I have said before I now see that Mythology is not myth but the history of the old world. So now that you know a little about myself the question mark is why do humans hate and despise me?. Though I have tried to help others even stepping in front of harm for them why if humans are so good for I have not met one?. Or is it because I am witnessing the end of the error?.

Es gibt nur meine legitime Einstellung *rumfuchtel* says:

I have received this book today! Very excited to read it this afternoon 🙂

pablo mago says:

….hi : ….here's a series of very well written n entertaining sagas of elves etc books with an spiritual take on reincarnation : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deverry_Cycle

pablo mago says:

….would u read some sufi and elven poetry sometime ?

Martha Love says:

Thank you and Elven Blessings, dear Sister, so happy that you like our Elf Quotes book. It is a true blessing of the Shining Ones to have met you. We love your videos and we love you. Kyela, The Silver Elves

The Infinite Center says:

"Worry not for yourself, anyone or anything else,
but, care for yourself, everyone and everything else."
-The infinite Center

Marsh Oak Dojo - Tim Pruitt says:

I love the Silver Elves i have all their books !!! thanks for making this !!!

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