Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover! (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT)

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover! (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT)

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Elaine says:

There is never a time a man a man does not judge the book by the cover. Don't deceive yourselves.

Memnon says:

Good stuff.

Ken Moore says:

You guys did a wonderful thing I wish everyone else would learn from you guys thanks keep up the great work

Benji Random says:

Would this have still happened if there weren't cameras rolling?

tom mossop says:

You did a good thing

emily cox says:

Check out my cover of bubblegum by clairo :))

FabFour Fever says:

Wow.. What a beautiful thing to do for someone. And he reminds me of Heath Ledger. I hope wherever this young man is he is playing and singing his heart out. Thank you, guys, for being so sweet and generous to him! ☺

Luke Tilley says:

You guys are awesome!!! GOD Bless 🙏🇺🇸

Liam Baker says:

Damn he's shit though

Honey Martinez says:


Vardhan Shah says:

😭 Made me cry

Dillon Mazac says:

Who TF grandmas house y'all at

Shisir Magar says:

Great job guys..god bless u❤️❤️

Tom Edwards says:

And then. Kurt Cobain was born.

Kevin Marburry says:

Mind blown..salute!

Agatha Leon says:

Can you give us an update? How is he doing?

Tommy B50 says:

Nicely done fellas!

John Baral says:

Guyz your so kind

Hello World says:

God bless this ppl and USA

Sleekgeek 36 says:

Reminds me of kurt cobain

Tonia Riley says:

Good people so still exist!!!!

Alicia Galito says:

Love this so much

America First says:

gotta love human kindness. you guys are good shit.

4life Together says:

2019 still watching and how is that guy doing now?

TechMate HD says:

I have been sitting for months outside a BANK, and no one did this to me. 🙁

Athul Joshi says:

This man should be known whole over the world

sujaan hassan says:

nice play from both parties 😂😂😂😂😂

ronak patil says:

Can you show what he is up to now?? That would be a good video

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