Dino Book Reviews |Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Survival Guide

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Possible spoilers ahead

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Bebeetmaternite says:

This list is useful too, what you guys think?:
It really helped me choose the right item


Alejandro T.Ramirez says:


Alejandro T.Ramirez says:


Alejandro T.Ramirez says:


Alejandro T.Ramirez says:


Guyon2002 says:

It's laughable how even in the books Mainstreet is in the middle of island and the movie does it wrong. Thats one massive example of not caring about continuity

shui Kwong Lam says:

Where can I buy it?🤔

Thomas Alvarez says:

No allosaurus

William Hiers says:

I love how it says only three people died in 2015 incident. XD

AA Productions says:

That's an awesome book! We got the Jurassic World employee handbook and reviewed that one, I want to get this one too!

DrasticBoy 6696 says:

I Love That Book…

Timoteo santos Ramos says:

I like this book.🙃🙂

Leticia Nicolas says:

En cuanto lo compraste

ForTheLoveOf42 says:

Indoraptor 4 Lyf

Christain CoolVids says:

What is that squeaking

The jack says:

Yes life finds and way

Land Before Time 75 says:

Love the book, what an interesting book and it’s based on the movie.

Leticia Nicolas says:

En donde lo compraste

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