Dice and Dragons – Lore Review Realms of Terrinoth

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What up Gamers! Today on Dice and Dragons we are trying something new as Jayson will be reviewing the Lore and setting in the Genesys RPG Book Realms of Terrinoth from Fantasy Flight Games. As we enjoy the Terrinoth we wanted to review the content in the book for our fellow Boardgamers to let them know if this is something they may want to add to their collection even if they don’t play Tabletop RPGs. Keep it right here to find out! And as always if you like what you see comment subscribe it won’t cost you any gold or any XP!

Time Stamps
0:11 Intro
2:14 Chapter 1 Tales of Darkness
6:18 Chapter 2 Call to Adventure
10:07 Chapter 3 Lands of Magic
17:10 Review
22:33 Outro

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MrNosreme70 says:

I can't watch this guy for 22 min… it's sooooo dry.

Cesar Perez says:

You should have shown the contents of the book. Pass the pages, close ups of some of the pictures and tables, give your video some visual interest. It's easy to tune out when it's just someone talking. Besides that, nice review.

Shane Annigans says:

I absolutely LOVE the Terrinoth theme which is why I bought this before learning Genesys (which also so good that it's replaced 5e for me and many people I RPG with)

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