Dice and Dragons – Legacy of Dragonholt Review and How to Play

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What up Gamers! Here it is our review of Legacy of Dragonholt, we reviewed the components and the character creation we made some characters and now after playing through multiple adventures you get to here our review of the game! If you want to follow us on social media you can find our links below the times tamps and as always if you like what you see comment subscribe it won’t cost you any gold, fame or any XP!

0:27 Game Introduction
1:49 Setup and How to Play
6:11 Dragonholt Village Overview
10:11 Game Review
20:01 Outro

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Scott "Nighthawk" Nelson says:

I think this was geared more to the solo and less intense rpger's out there, if you want a higher more complex rpg then pickup Genesys or Star Wars, I play those when I can get a group but it's so hard to find anyone to play anything anymore that this game looks very interesting to me.

Warpaint says:

I really wanted this until I saw that it was just CYOA with couple of added mechanics.
No dice, no deck of cards.
Passed on it. Disappointed thought it was going to be awesome solo D&D style game.

The Cyberbard says:

Love that logo sting intro, really solid! I, too, would like to see Sam as an apothecary fighter-pilot…

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