days in my life | target haul, book haul + so many packages!! (NYC/long island)

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The Woman In The Window
Atomic Habits
Red White & Royal Blue
Such a Fun Age

iced coffee glasses
ugg snow boots

OUAI chill pills
OUAI hand wash
Nécessaire Body Wash


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Kelly Wilson says:

Ooh random but I was prescribed spironolactone for acne about a month ago! I’m also on two topicals but I think it has helped a lot!

Amanda Woods says:

i know you said friends but i’ve been wanting to read red white and royal blue so much. i don’t have much extra money because of school going on. bc an you send it to me after you read it if that’s possible? i love you sm!

Kate Spratlin says:

I work in a pharmacy and spironolactone is my fav med to pack because it smells like mint lol

L V says:

i went on the same oral medication and it was awful. be careful. for me aczone + soolantra and then higher end skincare sold by derms (skin better science, eminence, obaji, USK rice water toner and scrub) is the key!! not trying to give unsolicited advice. hope it helps!

Natalie Jester says:

Where the Crawdads Sing gets SO GOOD you have to get through the first like 100 pages then you won’t want to put it down

Shayla Carpenter says:

Candles have a memory so the first time that you burn it make sure you let it burn all the way to the edges or it won’t ever burn all the way.

Sasha Baghdadi says:

dont know if you'll see this but my doctor put me on spironolactone and it has COMPLETELY changed my skin for the better. I haven't gotten a single painful hormonal bump since ive been on the medication and my face overall cleared up so nicely. I hope it does the same for you!!

Emma Griffioen says:

do you have goodreads?! if not you should get it!

Jeanne Grutchfield says:

omg Brooke rwrb is so so amazing!! Also, I never comment but I love you & your videos!

somethinelse0930 says:

Nice weights….Girl you are not a beginner!! You’ve motivated me to become a beginner tho…LOL thanks!

Allie Arcidiacono says:

I'm 23 and still struggle with hormonal acne but I started taking spironolactone 6 months ago and it cleared up my skin!!!

katelyn smith says:

Where the crawdad’s sing is SOOO good!!!

Savannah says:

Where is your kitchen mirror from?

Lydia Morrison says:

Let us know how you like the native body wash! I wanna try it 🙂

mary c says:

ive been on spironolactone for over a year now! i still break out from time to time but not nearly as much as i did before!

Andrea Cice says:

You should get a kindle and then rent books on the Libby app for free sooooo much cheaper

Bailey Belle Hanks says:

Woman in the window is soooo good!

Tiffany Rodriguez says:

You should do a skincare routine!

Avery Laberge says:

Do a book giveaway!!

Brianna Buckner says:

“I just got a ton of books, now I’m going to target with no list! I’m feeling reckless!” 😂😂 same!! ALSO….I take that same acne medication!

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