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#1 best-selling author on amazon Amit Offir is the international best-selling author of dozens of books in different genres. Amit has had dozen books in the top ten at the same time, including #1 and #2. His “How to Draw” series of more than 30 books has sold hundreds of thousands of copies since Fabruary 2013 (6 months). His books were translated to many languages and became #1 best sellers in Germany, Italy, France, Brasil and Spain.

Amit’s books are translated to over 20 languages and get great reviews from around the world. His first best selling books are “The Beetle That Wants To Be” and “Even Dragons Get Scared”.

On the year 2005 he developed a unique technique for drawing comics and cartoon characters in a few easy steps.

He named it “Drawing Easily”.

This technique was invented after drawing over 500,000 drawings on pebbles.

Amit’s dream is to teach the whole world to draw and connect people with “Drawing Easily”. that is why there isn’t any text inside those books.

Amit believes that drawing is a universal language and that people can tell a story and talk with each other by drawing. that is his goal in life!

Amit lectures and teaches comics lessons all around the world and meets thousands of children and adults every year.

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You are welcome to get farther information about Amit Offir’s art, licensing and more, in Amit’s official website

you can set up a meeting with Amit or invite him to come to your country and teach your staff / teachers / kids in schools and your community how to use Drawing Easily technique and start drawing too!

Enjoy this series of books and keep on drawing! Best regards.

How to Draw Collection 1-36 Books (Over 1110 Pages)

How to Draw Collection 1-12 (Over 400 Pages)

more of Amit’s books


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