Come Book Shopping in NYC With Me! (my 5 fav stores + haul!)

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Follow along as I bring you to 5 of my favorite book stores in NYC!

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bookstores mentioned:
McNally Jackson Seaport location
Books of Wonder
Books are Magic
The Center for Fiction

books mentioned:
Crying in Hmart
The Declaration of the Rights for Magicians
The Master of Djinn
The Ones We’re Meant to Find
The Way Back
Interior Chintown
A Desolation Called Peace

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Eli Castelli says:

Great video


Bookstore Berlin Germany

Wjamimah says:

I live in a semi-small town but now we only have one local book store besides B&N and the look of it is probably most comparable to Books Are Magic in NYC based off of the video

Nancy Valenzuela says:

You can do one of these at book people soon enough!

Iman Ashikin says:

This video makes me happy and sad! My country has been in and out of lockdown, I haven't been to a physical bookstore since last year. I buy books online but i miss actually going to a bookstore. Love your style btw!!

Ashley's Camera Roll says:

The way I’ve actually cried at h mart before 😅

Amanda Gjokaj - blueyedbooks says:

NY truly has the best book stores! Can’t wait to go back some day! And what a great haul ❤️

Ronald Caliva says:

What kind of books do you think is the best to read during this season of pandemic?

CourtVaderBooks says:

I need to visit these bookstores.

Wander This Way says:

I went book shopping on Saturday and the store was absolutely PACKED. I had to leave and go back this morning, I was there right when they opened and was the first one in the store. Much better energy!

bestnarryever says:

ugh I wish I could buy local… in my country this is not common, most local book stores are massive chain ones and still they’re sooooooooo overpriced, it’s easier to buy off of the publisher’s website or even amazon
due to high taxes on products sold in stores X online and also poverty in my country, every penny counts, so all local indie bookshops died years ago 😭 same counts for second hand and it’s SO EXPENSIVE and hard to buy books from any other place than amazon it makes me sad


Bookstore Berlin Germany

Jasmine Barbie says:

I always felt new york is boring but after this vedio I'll come to ny baby

Karen Rubio says:

we need one at the strand!!!!!

MikaToGo says:

monica's outfits are soooo cute!!!!

didde120 says:

Would love to have bookstores like that near where I live 😊

Emily Hall says:

love love love this! I absolutely adore your sunglasses, where are they from?

Sarah Gregg Lauer says:

I LOVED a declaration of the rights of magicians. Cant wait to hear what you think!

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