Cold War spy secrets debunked!

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Over the past hundred years, Britain’s MI5 intelligence agency has worked through two world wars, the Cold War and the fight against terrorism – with as much secrecy as possible. Now, a British intelligence scholar, Christopher Andrew is lifting the lid on what some of its spies got up to, in a new book.
He talks to RT’s Laura Emmet


bezplavok says:

fuck usa

pushups2345 says:

the good thing about today's russian propaganda is that they know they cant hide everything from the world anymore, so they openly discuss the the events of the past (the parts they havnt chosen to rewrite) – which makes it a fascinating information source for the skeptic scholar

bookbinder66 says:

so they could just move stuff over, or do mi6 have a diff mandate

bookbinder66 says:

uk and britain are the same ?

bookbinder66 says:

what about mi6

kelly sims says:

no you don't ,

troma333 says:

I think Christopher Andrew is playing the new Bond and Barney Frank is playing Aleister Crowley.

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