C*M FOR BIGFOOT | Rant Review

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EarFarce4 says:

Eh sounds like your typical rape fantasy.

r. chromosphere says:

I'd totally read it omg

Sam Stellar says:

What the hell😂😂

Written in Blood says:

You forgot to mention what is quite possibly the scariest thing about the book: as you kept waving it around I noticed what appeared to be the words "Volume 1" on the front cover. Oh Lord; there's more?!?

Biscuit says:

From the titel itself you already know this is going to have some juicy drama

Brooke E says:

I’m sorry do w h a t for w h o m s t

Melek Seyam says:

A whole ass beastiality novel, beauty and the beast who??

Gnome King says:

I ordered his book as a gift for a friend who didn’t believe me that the book actually existed.

windvale says:

Maybe you just don't like non-fiction ???

MintAndPurple says:

The kicker here is that there’s about fifteen more volumes of this lmao

TheAquamarine4 says:

This is a book that should definitely be a satire jeez:/

Philip says:

But did they actually CUM for bigfoot?

Asher Elric says:

Lots of books do that repeat thing, but this might also be a publisher mistake or something.

Scarlett Terry says:

I think the plural for bigfoot is Bigfoot like how the plural for bison is bison

Mei Wijaya says:

I read it coz of my weird curiosity i am very much traumatized yet laughed too much oh god…

Isaac Riggs says:

Lol. This is an actual book?

Chlorine Tomato says:

Leonard… of all names

SandyTheMaster says:

That book title though XD

Dyce Averruncus * says:

Could this book be anymore white. Might as well have the characters wear ugg boots and fight over Starbucks.

Daniella says:

reads title oof this gonna be good

Sarah Heringer says:

I'm just… Dafuc. Da-fuc! I didn't even start to watch and I'm speechless.

Lady Adalia says:

Oh good God… 😂😅😂

JustAnAnime Fan! says:

You despise the people? What about the Bigfoot’s? That’s super Bigfootist, hate on them too!

Andromeda Kai says:

I am never complaining my characters are dumb ever again

Jerky Murky says:

i still think the plural for bigfoot is bigfeets. Yes i know feet is plural without an s, but its funnier this way.

Ingrid Fouché Sixou says:

They rape the girls, how are these sweethearts? 😂
Do women like this kind of shit? 😂

AdamWayneone says:

I happen to identify as a Bigfoot. We are a patriarchal, binary gender society so please, feel free to refer to me as Cis-squatch.

Christiana Shoals says:

Well, after this jem the only thing I can do is subscribe 😂

edgyadult says:

hey can I ask something?

W H A T ?

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