Classic Silver Age Superman Robot and Beppo Figure Review

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My review of the Superman Robot and Beppo the Supermonkey figures.
These figures were released as part of the 2006 Classic Silver Age Superman Series 1 line from DC Direct

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Ahmad Chaudhary says:

Killer intro

Jay Con says:

Any new Superman reviews? Did you check out the new McFarlane Supermans?

Jay Con says:

Great review, I blame that sociopath F Miller for great characters like bepo and the cat being written out. They are comic books and comic book characters they’re supposed to be goofy and fun.

stewmurray47 says:

Thanks Olivia!
Lol at Beppo! He's definitely a sign of the times back then and sure, he was pretty goofy. There's just something about those old stories though, they have a special place in my heart! lol
Thanks for watching as always and the great comment.

stewmurray47 says:

Thanks Leo!! I hope you get the full set one day and can add Beppo to the Super Family!!
Yeah that's exactly what the suit looks like. My lighting isn't very strong at all to be honest. At the end I compare the two Supermen together. Did my Lois/Superman 2 pack figure look just like your one or brighter?
The sculpting and paint work is just perfect on Superman. I especially love the concealed robotics lol

stewmurray47 says:

LOL the Animal Justice League!!
Aquaman's pet dolphin, Ace the BatHound, all the Super animals….sounds like a plan!
I'm amazed they didn't do that back in the 60's!!

stewmurray47 says:

Yeah it seems like nice character appropriate bases are a thing of the past! Usually it's just the basic black disc if they give you anything at all!
Some of the Silver Age Robot Superman stories are brilliant. Quite inventive for the time too!
Thanks for watching Ben 🙂

stewmurray47 says:

Thanks Anendu!
I'm a huge fan of his period too. The art, the design, the storylines lol
Glad you're liking these reviews and hope you enjoy all the others.
Thanks for the great comment.

stewmurray47 says:

Thanks Jason!!!
Lol at Speed Racer! I've never actually seen the show.
Ah you have to get a Beppo Jason! No DC collection is complete without a character who's been totally retconned out of existence!!! lol
Thanks for watching buddy

stewmurray47 says:

Thanks Richard!! Ah yes, poor Beppo!!
I'm sure there's an earth out there in the multiverse where he's still around lolol.
Beppo was definitely the reason I picked this set up, his sculpt and paintwork are really great. Hope you manage to get him at some point and for a reasonable price.
Filming these has made me go back and ready some Silver Age comics….some of them are hilarious!! All classic superman though. 🙂

automatica says:

Beppo lol… some animals they came up with back then. Awesome set though, love how you can pull the S shield off to reveal the robot parts! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Black Ice says:

If only the legion of superpets existed today, they could have their own animal justice league. Haha

Black Ice says:

What a nice figure, I Rmbr back in the day reading about the robot superman going crazy. ESP like the nice base,why can't figures nowadays include nice bases like this.

anendu2007 says:

These are beautiful figs. They remind me of the days when I marveled( no pun intended) at the comic covers involving these characters. Looking forward to more reviews.

Chapman Films says:

Hmmm I had this at one time but never had Beppo.. Funny backstory about beppo getting on the ship to earth. Just like Chim Chim and Spritle from Speed Racer. Hiding in the trunk of the MACH 5. Great review

Richard Knepp says:

Poor Beppo. Retconned out of existence. At least he will live on in our collective collections. Now all we need is a Comet the Super-horse (and maybe a Super-pup?) lol. Nice review! I think Beppo actually makes this one a must have. Looking forward to your next Silver Age reviews.

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