Cinder by Marissa Meyer Book Review (spoiler free)

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Hope you guys liked my review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer! Also, I DONT have City of Heavenly Fire thats just a picture of CoHF on my copy of CoB 😉
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A Person says:

goes to channel wow u look so different now than in 2014 lol

A Person says:

All of this video: fangirling
Me: finally someone understands me

A Person says:

I imagine kai as shay mitchell with somewhat darker hair
Edit: cinder* xD

A Person says:

Actually there was 4 world wars!!

Intan Nisita says:

I have this novel since gradueted elemantary school sixth grade😊

hi hi says:

Why do i always imagin kai as the guy mulan falls in love with in the movie 😂 and thorin as his advisor in mulan and levana as the ailens in the cloning facilitie in starwars 😂 wtf is wrong with me

Yumino Natsumi says:

But you do know that Earth is in space, and beacause of that we kinda live in space. Also you propably could have used pencil insetead of pen to write in your book

Joyce Vargas says:

Awesome book , love it… Thanks

Gracie Gutierrez says:

I picture her has Lana Condor

reader fantastic says:

Pretty much all you said I agree with

Trentaco says:

Seychelle Gabriel has to play Cinder in the movie if they make one

Kara S says:

Shay Mitchell though is half filipino(Ayyy😉😂) which is in Asia. I dont know the point of me saying this😂

Completely Melanie says:

You have always been very entertaining in your videos. I really enjoy watching your old and new videos. 🙂

Serey Heng says:

girl i just realize that a someone losing a foot when kai was looking at her foot in his office

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