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Frankenstein: The Graphic Novel, Original Text Version review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Comics review of this adaptation of the original 1818 Mary Shelley novel. While it may seem that boring book may not be made into an interesting comic book very well, Classical Comics’ Jason Cobley and Declan Shalvey make it work. CGR Comics FRANKENSTEIN: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, ORIGINAL TEXT VERSION review takes a look at the surprisingly impressive art, but mostly just how different the original novel is compared to the popularized Frankenstein.

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Prebster says:

Quote from description: "surprisingly impressive art". The art is amateur-ish at best, and frankly looks more like a low-budget project by a high school student (using a cracked version of Photoshop, of course). My apologies in advance if the graphic novel turns out to be just that, since I didn't watch the entire review.

theawesomegman says:

He was described as having rotting yellow skin, dry black lips, constantly watering eyes, and some of his muscle was exposed because Frankenstein did not have enough skin. Even though he wasn't out right called ugly h was more or less supposed to be.

Valer says:

If you read the original the monster isnt ugly but rather just holy

CosmoShidan says:

I thought it the novel was rather poetic; especially when reading the opening of chapter 10.

Tristan E. says:

I actually didn't find it boring. Well, terribly boring. However, it's common that people do find books from that time fairly dull, and relative to an "action-packed" comic book, it is. And people should definitely be familiar with it, a lot of the themes tackled by it still stand true today.

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