Casino Royale – Ian Fleming || love and espionage amidst the Cold War

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I’m Mark, and I read a lot of books. So, I thought I would record my thoughts on those I do. These thoughts tend to be long, in depth and by way of personal discussion.
This book is a 1950s Cold War spy drama in which James Bond tries to ruin a shady character called Le Chiffre; and not fall for a beautiful woman called Vesper Lynd.
00:07 The author, the year 1953, the Cold War and SMERSH.
04:59 What happens: Royale-les-Eaux, Casino Royale, baccarat.
07:16 Two conflicts at the heart of the story, style of writing, three parts of the story.
08:47 The protagonist [James Bond].
16:10 The antagonist [Le Chiffre].
17:42 Some themes.
21:42 What do we learn about the author, and ourselves?
24:17 Unusual scenes/plot twists. Meta.
30:33 The ending.
31:52 Is it still relevant?



I use the phrase 'aphorism' incorrectly… I should have said 'idiom'.

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