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Smiley's Multimedia says:

It's simple a form of compensation, followers feel like their getting something, learning something when they watch and keep up with channel, so they naturally feel compelled to support financially or in this communities case with books to show appreciation. It's actually not that different than a church and a congregation. If they Pastor sounds like he preaching a true word, true gospel, goo spiritual truth that the congregation can positively govern their lives by every day then it's not beyond reason for the congregation to support the church and Pastor they got the preaching and teaching from.

Where the supporters got their money is of little concern unless you know somebody really close and personally. For the most part you either believe in what you saw,heard and where taught and consequently support with tithe and offering, or you don't and go look for a better church with a better Pastor and better teaching. The concept is the same here. Yes these wishlist and some other things are used by people running social media pages to give followers a way to support them. As long as it's a freewill offering, not forced, not squeezed like a tomatoe or threatened out of then there's otherwise nothing wrong with content creators/providers to seek forms of compensation.

Calliope Stephanides says:

Sailor Moon!

Ellabella_A says:


StarsHollowBooks says:

I completely agree with you. I see both points of view but I actually hadn't thought of it from the demographic perspective. I personally would feel awkward accepting books from 12, 13, 14 years old kids. That being said when I think back to myself at that age I don't think it would have been a huge deal for me to do it especially because I do think booktube isn't that celebrity culture some think it to be. In some ways it's just buying a book for a friend. 

cats rull says:

i think thats its not so bad atleast if u post the list its saying hey dont waste ur money on stuff i dont want  buy me this instead 

the Book Tempest says:

The only reason I have shared my amazon wish list in my info tab (not in any video) is because I, personally, LOVE to go on to others wish lists to see what they are wanting, wanted future releases or books maybe they have found and want, that I haven't seen yet. I am, for some reason, way more interested in getting books for myself that others are really wanting to buy, compared to books they own and/or have read. Which is weird. I know.
But anyways, my wish list is for myself. I'm not expecting anything, ever, I have a wish list to not forget all the books I want to buy in the future… 😀
But then again I'm a rookie here and only have 6 subscribers, so let's be realistic. Haha! 😀
But, like I said, my wish list sharing is for my own huge curiosity for other wish lists out there. 🙂

MagicOfBooks says:

Great video and discussion! The whole Amazon wishlist thing just makes me so uncomfortable and sometimes it just seems shady. If I went to my mailbox one day and there was some mysterious package from someone I didn't know, that would make me feel incredibly weird. I personally like the experience of going to the bookstore and using my own money to buy the books and editions that I want. I don't want anyone spending money on me (especially if I don't know them). It's one thing if a group of friends send each other books, but complete strangers is all sorts of creepy (and once again, shady).

Simon Moore says:

Dam, you learn some thing new every day. Well I have a Harley wish list if any one wants to get into that. Well I will take your word we have a TY/Book tube culture.

inksomniareads says:

I'm sure it's probably already been mentioned somewhere, but, it's not just in the booktubing community. There are daily vloggers (as an example) who post their PO Box. Of course everyone's intentions are different, and I can't speak on behalf of everyone on YT, but fingers shouldn't just be pointed at certain people. It's a thing that happens all over the internet. 

Rocket Reads says:

I know I'm over a week late, but I wanted to mention that I really loved seeing booktuber's wishlists just to get to know what they want to read, what I might see on their channel, and just their reading preferences and tastes in general. If I really wanted to know what a particular booktuber thought of one of my personal favorites, I might consider purchasing it for them from their wishlist because I just love buying books for myself and other people, and I know that books can be expensive. I wish Amazon had an option to make wishlist viewing public, but keep the buying option private, just so we could avoid situations where people feel exploited, and people like me who do check the wishlists for other reasons could still view them.

NEHOMAS2 says:

"My favourite videos to film are discussion videos where I don't have a clear stance"

That's exactly what I adore about your discussion videos; they're open, objective, and intelligent in their examination of both sides of the argument. 

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