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Classics Shelf Tour

Modern Classics Shelf Tour




Instagram: (@sunbeamsjess)

—-What am I wearing?—-


Jumper – UNIF (old)


Lipstick is Lady Balls by Too Faced


Barrette – Jennifer Behr

Northern Star Drop Earrings – Laura Lee Jewellery

Gold Bracelets – gifts

Silver Mesh Bracelet – Pandora

Silver Link Bracelet/Silver Bangle – gifts

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)

Listen on Spotify

Skulls Bangle – The Great Frog

Upper Ear Jewellery – Mostly Maria Tash

Second Lobe Piercing Hoops with Drops – Jacqui Aiche

Gold Rings (apart from those listed below) – Monica Vinader (inc. black stone ring)

Lace/Filigree Ring – Grace Lee

Sapphire Ring – jewellers in India

Signet Ring – grandma’s

Eternity Bands – Rosa de la Cruz

Nails – CND Desert Poppy


How old are you?

What camera do you use?
Panasonic Lumix GH5

Where are you from?

How tall are you?
I think I’m about 5’4″

Is your hair dyed?

Thanks for watching guys!

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MegaTea123 says:

where are the shelfs from? great libraryy 😀

Polytimi Mountanea says:

random comment of the day: makes sense to have books that you might grab now on the lower shelves, but when you keep them around for your family, maybe consider repositioning the ones directed to younger audiences to lower shelves, so that your children can reach them <3

Rania Mahmoud says:

I honestly can't wait for the day you start moving your books into your new house and hopefully film the process, because I'm so interested in seeing the other books that were tucked far back as well as seeing the way you're planning to display them!
So impressed with your book collection x

Kim Kattan says:

I really like her bookshelves. Is that weird?

Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 says:

I loved hearing your reasons for keeping your books, how you shelve books via emotion etc and this tour was just wonderful

just another hardcore kid says:

The only books I ever get rid of at the ones I have had in my shelves for ever and never picked up and am 100% certain I won't do so in the future either. Books I hated I can't part with, I'm a passionate ranter and somehow I just want to be able to pull them out and show receipts of their awfulness. A Secret Life Of Bees and Heroes Of The Frontier yes I'm looking at you…

Saty N says:

I love your jumper, can you please tell me where is that from?

snow flower says:

Honestly im rewatching this to listen to jess’s voice. Ive been obsessed with her content for years now

Annabel says:

Aha the only books I could see that I've read are the Harry Potter series 😂

warahbarm says:

Are you fussy about which edition you buy?…and whether it's paperback or hardback?

Mireya Lemus says:

Where are your bookshelves from?

Briana Deeds says:

Have you read any Brazilian literature?

Jasmin Barry says:

I LOVED this video, I'm also on a book buying ban at the moment because of my 'to read' shelf!

p.s what is your good reads account handle? x

JessieMarieVilla says:

HOW do you get to reading 3 books a week???? TEACH ME!

Lily K says:

I don't mind a video of you showing 800 books one by one.

Carolina Toniolo says:

I just loved this too much. I probably have around the same amount of books that you do, but mine are all separated around the house, which is unfortunate.
I'm looking for my place and it's mandatory to have space for shelves.
Loved to see your library, thank you so much for that

Vita Annie says:

Can't wait to one day have the room for this kind of collection! It makes my heart so happy seeing so many books in one place 💜

Ola Sulkovskaya says:

Love your book videos.

nancy shao says:

Favourite book currently is Purple Hibiscus, so I'm soo surprised you've read it that long ago!!

Justathought says:

Please read Zadie Smith: On Beauty first – not read section – she used EM Forster’s Howard’s End as a template.
So cleverly done as Zadie’s masterpiece is set amidst America’s Ivy League colleges.
It’s a tribute and a riff. Think breathless canter through American academic contemporary life. African American themes … lots of the unexpected. I’m writing this and wanting to re read it as I do so. Love to know what you think!

Olivia Dunbar-Miller says:

I think Nick Hornby said something like: a person’s personal library is a complete reflection of who they are. Whether you’ve read it or not, owning it says something about your character, your dreams, your past, present, and future….I’m paraphrasing of course lol but basically I too am a hoarder of books and I think it’s pretty neat 🙂 thanks for sharing!

backstreet51 says:

i spy the edge chronicles! god i loved those as a kid. need to reread

ewinwy says:

Book collection is just so impressive! Can you perhaps do a video on where to find a good read? I know you can probably go by the genre you like but is there a website, or do you just go by best sellers? 😊

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