BOOKSHELF TOUR // NEW SHELVES! – Sept. 2013 – Part 1

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Part 2:

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Lyka says:

I really liked this video.

Sreya Vannappagari says:

I know this is two years late, but where did you get these shelves?

Ari_A1357 says:

Wow I want to be a book collector too! Except I'm pretty much broke so…😂

Problematic Owl says:

Book goals!!and shelf goals!!reading goals!!…… well, everything about book goals!!

Crunchy B Roll says:

Your the only book lover guy that doesn't sound gay.
I'm not trying to be mean I'm just saying that guys who are gay and have a high voice annoys me

Sidereon says:

My problem isn't lack of bookshelf space. My problem is lack of books.

Id Francisco says:

You have the most AMAZING books and bookshelves of all time! ^.^

cecilia fagerstrom says:

The only person i know who owns any ellen hopkins book 😊😊😊👌

Jade Vega says:

I thought you said: the Pretty Jackson series (LOL XD)

Ellie Entertainment says:

and I thought I had a lot of books

Gable Kurtis Loomis says:

I LOVE gone

Taylor Queen says:

every time i see these bookshelf tours i get sad because i want my own library too haha, it's pure torture
anyway, lovely collection you've got there 🙂

juliarhapsody says:

ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love how almost all booktubers have big bookshelves while I just have a one and it is so small.

The.Book.Elephant says:

just got the 3rd book in the escape the furnace series for only $4 amazon ! just letting u knoww

Meredith Billington says:

Such a beautiful library!

Vitoria Gray says:

I am in love with you.

Aaron Ezekiel says:

"So much dopamine in the synapses" is the moment I pressed subscribe >_< You're great, keep making all the videos.

MoonLight Reads says:

beautiful collection!!

Kourtney Pyle says:

Where did you get those book shelves?

sabby0208 says:

im actually really jealous of your book shelf ohmygod

Jay 4 says:

Can I live in your book shelf? .

The BookAholic says:

You should do an update on your bookshelves

The BookAholic says:

I want your bookshelves

Ally says:

Your a nerdfighter? Clicking the subscribe button
I'm jealous of your collection =) can you do an updated one?

Ms. Right says:

Your just way TOO gay!!!!!

carmen burciaga says:

hhahahha omgsh when you said that you had the less important book at the bottom I cracked up because I have the  least important books at the bottom of my shelves but their not exactly the least important they are just really old or unread books hhaha

Vilde L says:

Can I marry you?

rachael180 says:

i really want those snowglobes 🙂

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