BOOKSHELF TOUR (300+ books)

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After 3 years, I finally share with you every single book I have on my shelves! Check the description for timestamps and where to get the books & fandom merch!

~if you want to skip to a specific section~
Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 2:31
Middle Grade: 6:51 and then 9:19
Graphic Novels: 8:10
Cassandra Clare: 10:28
Realistic Fiction: 10:00 and then 12:46
Harry Potter: 17:23
Classics: 20:13
Jane Austen: 21:38

~pretty books~
Illustrated Harry Potter:
Lord of the Rings Box Set (not great quality):
City of Bones UK Paperback:
Hogwarts Library Books:
Aesop’s Illustrated Fables:
The Hobbit 75th Anniversary Edition:
Watercolor Classic Books: Unfortunately, no longer in print
Anne of Green Gables Sourcebooks:
A Tale of Two Cities Penguin Hardcover:
The Borrowers:
Little Women Puffin in Bloom:
Anne of Green Gables Puffin in Bloom:
The Wizard of Oz:
Northanger Abbey Vintage Classics:
Persuasion Vintage Classics:
Mansfield Park Vintage Classics:
Manga-Style Pride & Prejudice:
Pride & Prejudice Penguin Hardcover:
Persuasion Penguin Hardcover:
Emma Penguin Hardcover:
Northanger Abbey Penguin Hardcover:
Mansfield Park Penguin Hardcover:
Love and Freindship Penguin Hardcover:
Sense & Sensibility Penguin Hardcover:
Illustrated Pride & Prejudice:
Jane Austen’s Seven Novels:

~pretty knick-knacks~
Bilbo Baggins’ Wooden Sign (not great quality):
Clockwork Angel Necklace:
Leia + Han Star Wars Pin Set:
Belle Reading Pin:
Ravenclaw Crest Pin:
Ravenclaw Head Girl Pin:
Wooden Bookmarks:
Harry Potter Wizarding Money Set:
Luna’s Wand:
Hermione’s Wand:
My Wand:
Pride & Prejudice Wood Print:

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