bookshelf tour | 2021

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sarah says:

Can you do a Video about annotating your books? 🙂

Faerieshimmer says:

What is the best romantic manga and anime show you recommend for a newbie?

Faerieshimmer says:

I love your shelves and books! I hope to have a library like yours someday! 🙂

SunnyTea says:

This gave me 73 questions with vogue vibes

Lilith _ says:

Ugh i really need to get another bookshelf. There are books in my dresser and floor but I’m too lazy to go to ikea even tho there’s one like 10 mins away lol

Nichole Crabtree says:

Do you have links to your bookshelves?! Besutiful!!!

Natalie Rivera says:

You and Jodie have my absolute favorite bookshelves ever. Like….actual goals. 😭❤️

Ruby Waterman says:

I audibly gasped when I saw this was out

carcxxline says:

Wow, you have a lot of books. You probably spent a lot of money on books, aren't you?😅

Felicia Likestoreadthings booktube says:

What did she call the red books years of nightmares?

Michelle Rigor says:

I spy a "It's okay not to be okay" bookmark! Hahaha. Coz I have the same bookmark! 😀

Shaaron Ego says:

We officially have a library in the house!
😂💜💜👏love uuu

Krista Faith says:

take a shot every time she says “stunning” like omfg

Lianne Zonnebeld says:

Youtube recommended me your video today and I have never been more shocked by how similar we are. 😍😂

Evelyn Stirrup says:

In response to your question about 'The Lie Tree' by Francis Hardinge. It won the Costa book of the year prize in the UK in 2015 and has rave reviews. It's creepy, quite dark and a little bit academic and historical. I personally didn't enjoy it but it has some rave reviews across the internet. Love your videos keep doing wat you are doing.

Caitlyn says:


SeerOfTime says:

Gorgeous shelves!

Wood Dweller says:

I love that ALL of your shelves are so neat and clean. Unlike me, I am more of like an old swamp cottage book tour kinda girl. hahaha super cute and light ! <3 love it

sleepytae. says:

omg stunning video

Cassandra Lynn says:

OMG when you were raving about Orange it made me so happy! That was the first ever manga I read and it is still be favorite (just did a re-read of them last month). I adored the vibes of this bookshelf tour, def inspired me to try something like that for my own bookshelf tour video. (even though I only have two shelves haha)

Sharon Lucero says:

“This is my boyfriend RIP he just sits there” this was the funniest thing I heard all day

Freya kharas says:

Wow… I’m jealous 😳😍 I’ve got a loooong way to go haha

And those ARCs! So many of them.. I wish I could get an ARC!

Devadathan A says:

I like the way the person holding the camera laughs at very inappropriate moments… Never have I seen a person laughing when someone says ‘Fantasy’.

LexyReads says:

I remember the vlog when Kevin gave you that picture HAHAH good time! Also Penny should be your camera-woman more often lol, lots of fun!

icantbeperfect2010 says:

Love it!! I've added so many books to my reading list! I just wish there was a close up of each shelf.

Katie O’ connor says:

Your bookshelves are goals 😻

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