bookshelf tour 2021 ✨

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Megan Bailey says:

I want to get into reading but I’m finding it hard lmao how do read for long periods of time quite often ? <33

Paola Delgado says:

yes love these type of videos 😍😍

moonshine destiny says:

you're so beautiful 🌻!!!

TanishaSmith says:

I have that same hunger games set! It’s so pretty 😍😍

amayiah jade says:

here to reccomend the book the alchemist to you!! i just got a copy for myself

kRaMpUs says:

the real question is how do the books stay up completely straight despite you taking off the ones its leaning on

Amber Lauren says:

Oh my gosh I’m obsessed with those copies of The Hunger Games!!!

Irma Haag says:

How lovely!

moonchild says:

may i ask where you got that shelf that has the bunny pellets on it? i have a bunny in my room too and am looking for safe places to store stuff where he can't reach it so i thought that shelf might work well 🙂 i also really like the idea of putting the hay box there!

Jada Murphy says:

Finally bookshelfs that look the books are read and loved not just collected.

M says:

Hey! Where did you get the bookshelf under the shelves? I love it!!

Ashhole Martinez says:

It looks like Alfred Sutton to me, the S in cursive is usually written like that 🤔 correct if I’m wrong though !

María Belén says:

You are literally the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

sarah castro says:

your bookshelf is soooo pretty,i love the aesthetic

gwynucco says:

ohmygod i love your bookshelf so much :((

Gaby Cobian says:

I love your room

Sh.m7a Arabi says:

did you get your desk from ikea? If so what is it called?

Epic Reads says:

We've got serious bookshelf envy! 😍

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