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Nirali Thakkar says:

Can u please review Amish Tripathi's Shiva's trilogy..?

Sweep says:

No tolkien?

Smart Hydra says:

You NEED to read The Maze Runner! It is my alltime favorite series EVER!

Anamica says:

"one is my sister's but I need to fill the space" samee 😂

Ajeet kohli says:

Omg ! You were so slim back then 😱

The Golden Child says:

I own Ruin and rising and divergent ( got rid of it cause I did not like it.
I also have caching fire

Niriti Pa says:

How are her paperbacks so smooth? Every single time I read a paperback, I place like a hundred of creases into it.

Molly Strzelecki says:

Fairest would go between Cress and winter.

Bink says:

Its funny…I literally dream of my bookshelf looking like yours hahaha lol

Sarah Lynn says:

Did that Anne of green gables book actually cost you a million dollars

Sreenanda Inturi says:

She's a directioner . 😘

Dino Books says:

How could a book cost a million dollars?

Candi de Canela 89 says:

Liam payne 😍

Ayesha H says:

You should totally check out Bad Girls Dont Die trilogy by Katie Alender.

Manalu says:

ohmygod that's like a bookstore!!! im so jealous there's a lot of books here that i really want
really amazing

hayleyfanpire says:

You should so read the rest of the Vampire Academy stories, I went through all 6 within like 2 weeks on uni trains I felt like a train wreck but I loved it !!!

Dana Y says:

I wasn't really interested in books till a few months ago when my friend made me read one and I fell in love. I started reading lots of books (borrowing from friends or from the school library) but then I wanted to have my own books so I can re-read them when I am older but I have a really low budget as I am only 14. I wanted a suggestion about what books should I buy. Till now I have the fault in our stars, fangirl, the maze runner series, snow like ashes, all the bright places and till now I have loved all of them. Please suggest books that I should read. P.S I love your videos, it really inspires me to read more.

Gabriela Jarecka says:

I'm so jealous 😍😍😍

ahmed zai says:

have you read these all ??

Gryffindor Books says:

I love your bookshelf tours!! would you be able to do a q&a with me for my book blog??

Naomi Abit says:

Grave mercy has two more books after

Yuvika Chauhan says:

She just called Cersei Lannister cute didn't she? XDDDD

Leshya Appavu says:

I have your bookshelf byheart!

Don't ask me to give the list! 🙂

Leshya Appavu says:

can I have your bookshelf? *desperately and jealously *

oops! I'm a Humble bookworm says:

TOP TIP: don't buy the series before you have read the first book. trust me it sometimes costs you.

HayHay C says:

The little pop character isn't eleven 👀

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