books i'd sell my soul to read for the first time again (aka I love these books)

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getting nostalgic about some of my favorite books! lets chat about them!

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The Imperfect Scrapper says:

I’m reading Discworld for the first time by Terry Pratchett and having this exact feeling.

love says:

Books I'd love to experience for the first time:

1) Red Rising series – gosh I binged all three in one week and it was a whirlwind of laughter, dramatic gasps and flailing, crying, ranting, cheering gahh the emotions!!! Such a perfect series

2) the broken empire by mark Lawrence – !!!!! I was like 13 but prince of Thorns is the book that got me into fantasy. Jorg Ancrath is the anti-hero hero to end all heros in my book. Horrid, yes, but I care a lot for him

3) the inheritance cycle by Christopher paolini – my sister loved this series so much and I decided last year to give Eragon a try and I binged all. This series has a soft feeling that i havent felt in anything besides maybe tolkein and the goblin emporer

4) the Raven cycle – yes I know, basic lol

5) the JoJo's bizarre adventure manga part 3, 4, 5 and 7 especially

6) the darkest part of the forest by Holly black – she's my fave author so no surprise lol

sappho's library says:

i know exactly what you mean about the shadowhunter books and just being so enthralled in the world and unable to put it down. i really miss reading books like that and feeling so consumed by it, it was the best time!!

Hunter Winslow says:

I read Mistborn series during the beginning of the pandemic during shut down. I was completely absorbed

Y.V. says:

I haven’t even finished The Sword of Kaigen, but I already feel this way about it lol I’m trying to finish it at a slower pace so this wonderful book can surprise me for longer, but at the same time I can’t put the book down, it’s soooo good

ReadWriteZoe says:

Memoirs of a Geisha – I’ve read it a few times and I’d love to be able to read it for the first time again!

MadisonA says:

You should listen to this new podcast called the newest Olympian it’s following a guy reading Percy Jackson for the first time and it’s really cute and made me really nostalgic to read the books again

Taylor Bay says:

Jesus is your free gift to heaven when you believe in his death, burial and resurrection you are immediately saved

Taylor Bay says:

Jesus is your free gift to heaven when you believe in his death, burial and resurrection you are immediately saved

Amina says:

i feel you on the Cassandra Clare thing. I want to go back to Middle/high school so I can I relive these books again

dr dn says:

great books i hope i could read for the first time again are ‘The Law of Moses’ and ‘The Song of David’ by Amy Harmon. they are actually stand-alone but there’s a parallel in the story. it’s more a general fiction with a touch of romance, thriller, and supernatural. This is breathtakingly beautiful yet so sad

brokenredflag says:

No stormlight anymore. 🙁
Thuse the story go bad on ryth of war. Please tell me im bearly starting tje archive

Blanca Jas says:

Did you buy your bookshelves or did you build them?? I’m looking for something like this! 😊😊

Shauna XX says:

…I’m currently reading the lost hero and the final empire for the first time right at this moment 😂

Sammy Sheagley says:

For me definitely mistborn and an enchantment of ravens. I love them both and I read enchantment every fall now 🍂

Kourttney L ✨ says:

What cover is that for the first book you mentioned? It’s beautiful 😻

Aron William says:

I like the book SHAURYAWAAN. It's gripping. And illustrations to awaken me from sleeping.

Darkrose Guild says:

Warrior cats for me growing up,I loved to read and catch up..I know it’s a middle grade series but it’s one I really love that has grown with the times. Scythe,Percy Jackson,Mortal instruments are all other book series that I have immediately bought because they are so good!

Emma P says:

i'm actually reading mistborn for the first time, and i'm only 100 pages in but i'm loving it sm!! it's also my first brandy sandy book so i hope i get the same mind-opening moment 😂

Thais Cani says:

I wish I could read HP for the 1st time again

University Next says:

Percy Jackson
Jade City
Anything by Cassandra Clare
Fifth Season/Broken Earth Trilogy
Scythe Trilogy
Ship of Magic

Caz Greene says:

Totally how I feel about the Wheel of Time – I have read the entire 15 book series over 13 times and it still blows my mind because each re-read you have experienced more in your own life and understand the incredible characters and the themes of balance and inclusivity Robert Jordan had included wayyyyy before anyone else so much more. And no-one does foreshadowing better! He was Brandon Sanderson’s inspiration and Sanderson finished the series after his death.

Amelia Carter says:

I feel like I've never given Cassandra Clare a chance because all I've ever known about her was the drama surrounding her plagiarism in her fanfic days. I didn't even realize she was still around until I got back into reading recently and saw her new books were so popular.

Red Fury Books says:

I’m reading the Liveship Traders for the first time right now. I’m 2/3 of the way through The Mad Ship and am continually blown away by Hobb’s writing. She’s quickly become a favorite.

Hannah Cline says:

I’m sure you’ve probably talked about this in some video so if you have, just link the video! But how would you compare The Stormlight Archive to the Mistborn series?

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