Books for New Witches (Baby Witch Bootcamp Ep. 4)

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Hello, lovelies! In this episode of Baby Witch Bootcamp, I share some of my favorite beginner books on witchy and spiritual topics. All of these books are widely available and pretty easy to find, and I hope they’ll help you as much as they’ve helped me. 😊

Full Review of Green Witchcraft by Paige Vanderbeck:

Link to the Energy Muse Crystal Meanings website:

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oh itsclaud says:

Hi! This series has been very helpful buttttt I’m young and living in a house hold where I can’t order things on my own,I don’t really want to tell my parents that I am planning to practice witchcraft. Can I practice witchcraft without books?

Teny Flower says:


Laura Gaitano says:

Great video, subscribed!

windle manning says:

It's okay

destinee h says:

Ty so much for these videos! Ur a gem!

Grace Barrow-Dean says:

These helped me so much! Thanks!

alejandrugh says:

thank you so much for this! i've spent the past 2 days reading your posts and researching thanks to them

Seleyna Zahra says:

im a young closeted witch so I can't really buy books.. do you have any online resources?

Jennifer Blevins says:

Loved this video. Thank you for sharing all of these books with us.

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