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It’s time for some moving out deep cleaning!

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The Book writers says:

I hate twilight I would much rather read the woman in black

Chantel Thennes says:

Haha out of the twilight books Eclipse was the one I hated. I love the series though. Out of my books those are the ones I don't think I could ever let go of

Renee Martinez says:

Please tell me you kept Withering Heights! It was so great, kinda surprised you were getting rid of it, pretty much agree with the other ones you got rid of that I've read.

Shelby Lyons says:

I love these unhaul videos. I have to justify getting rid of books at lease once a year because I simply don't read them, didn't like them or can't see them in my collection any longer. You have a decent list of books you're getting rid of, and I appeciate the lack of holding back on some popular titles. Again, great video.

Pipoca Musical says:

I made an unhaul video too, I guess it is really amazing to move those books away. <3 🙂 The local library will be really happy to receive them…. :DDDD Best regarrrrds!

country18lover says:

rebel bell was amazing!!

Dan Laz says:

Hey!I've just started reading books (i am 15 yrs old) so i need help with new books 'cause my budget isn't that big,do i cant buy books that i won't read.So,any books that you think i should buy? (Book i reallly love is Shadow by Michael Morprugo

kiah-lynn says:

I only read the first 3 books of the Twilight series😂 I don't think I'll ever read Breaking Dawn.

Latin Lector says:

I totally agree about Breaking Dawn!!! I was so pissed with that ending! So horrible!!

Cooleen Books says:

What's your most favourite book by Stephan King? 😀
Yeah that was my theory when I first watched breaking Dawn. I was so mad when I watched that scene, but then I remember watching an interview saying that there was going to be a 'twist' so I immediately figured it out 😂

molly reads reads reads says:

Sorry, this has nothing to do with the video, but that lip color looks AMAZING on you!!! 😘😘😘

Night Reader says:

Hi- have people send you a check for the shipping or Pay through Pay Pal if you have an account. Goodwill is also good. I finally got rid of the Norton also- last year- and I graduated from college in 1986. Great review and I agree with the Stephen King. John Grisham is also becoming like Stephen King for me. I am still enjoying robin Cook and Patricia Cornwell. Books by Jodi P. the Storyteller- that book is a keeper.

Stephanie D says:

HATED the characters in Wuthering Heights. I did like the ending enough to not hate the whole book.

Hope Ortego says:

I"m getting more into thrillers so I will have to check out Choker 🙂 and I will have to see if I can predict the twist!

Wormar says:

Have you read 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult? (: I recommend giving it a go, it's far more realistic than all the others of hers I've read, and it hit hard.

TeaLeavesAndBookBindings says:

I read Tender Morsels earlier this year and was so excited for it because I love fairytale retellings. But I had to force myself through it and ended up unhauling it as well.

Put a Finish on It says:

I'm with you on Looking for Alaska and Anna and the French Kiss. Don't really want to read the two companion novels. And–I only read Anna and the French Kiss because John did that super-enthusiastic video about how great it was. How did he even manage to say all that about it?

hikkipedia says:

Haha yas @ the Breaking Dawn part 2 movie

Julianne Marie says:

I preferred the Breaking Dawn movie to the book as well. I feel like it wasn't necessary for Breaking Dawn to be like 750 pages. So disappointing. 🙁
Also, I realize I've never read a Stephen King book. Any recommendations on where to start?

nokiddingbrainless says:

Finally someone else who didn't love Anna & The French Kiss. I found it very anticlimactic, seeing how much everyone on booktube adored it.

Connor O'Brien says:

I burst out laughing when you were talking about breaking dawn and the screenwriter. Has to be true.

mo bandy says:

Please do a review on You! I read it this month too and it hardly ever happens that I read the same book as someone I watch so I'd really like to see your thoughts on it. Could you maybe include spoilers though? I would like to hear your thoughts on the ending. You could just do non spoilers at first and then give a warning and talk about spoilers. Thanks!

Sarah Farrugia says:

I struggle so much with giving books away! I think the only ones I've ever donated or gifted were: a travel book, a Marian Keyes book (donated); a Stephen King novel (I had 2 copies so gave one to my cousin); Emile Zola novels I gave to my boss that I'd found at my favourite book store, I don't work there anymore and he doesn't either but the first day as his PA we bonded over Zola haha 🙂

I still haven't been able to bring myself to read Wuthering Heights but I do love Bronte novels! Except The Professor, that one was a chore..

RubyLovesRocket says:

I know it is weird, but this video made me smile, because the first video I ever saw from you was an Unhaul video.

alireadsbooks says:

Okay, I realized after you'd mentioned your third Stephen King novel that I've never actually read any of his books. Any recommendations on where to start?
Also, that lipstick is amazing.

Carolyn's Reading Ramblings says:

I understand where you are coming from with Breaking Dawn but actually the big battle scene that they show in the film is talked about in the book but Stephenie Meyer just doesn't draw it out because it is supposed to be just between Alice and Aro then they expanded on it in the film to make it more entertaining (the wise choice).  I recently read Wuthering Heights and despised it unfortunately (but i saw the film when i was young and hated it so i knew i'd probably hate the story but wanted to give the book a shot).  Good for you to be purging your books, i need to do another purge soon but i just like holding onto them so much haha.

mom2triplets04 says:

oh no!  Breaking Dawn is on my summer to read list.  I never read it and I have the movies on my DVR that I want to watch.  My daughter is actually reading Twilight now.

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