Book trailer: Cold War spy thriller Of Our Own Device by M.K. South

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“It’s 1985, Glasnost and Perestroika have come to Russia, AIDS, which had been steamrolling through the gay community, is making its presence known to the world at large, and the Year of the Spy is in full swing between the C.I.A and the KGB. Welcome to the world compellingly and masterfully brought back to life by M. K. South in “Of Our Own Device”.” (from Amazon)

Directed and produced by Jonny Knowles (D5 Media), with Pete Grimwood as Jack Smith, Alex Lincoln as Eton May-Volkonsky and Erick Hayden as Joe Coburn. Script by M.K. South, Director of Photography Gavin Edson, Production Assistant Millie Whitehead, Music by Chris Brett and Jonny Knowles, Sound Liam Gilchrist, Sound Design by Tom Griffiths.