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Quark says:

I understand why some people have strong feelings about Triss and Yen, positive or negative. Generally speaking (might not be your case), it's often enhanced by the fact that they're both romantic options for Geralt in The Witcher 3, causing countless unnecessarily heated arguments on the internet. I'd say that reader's (player's) feelings is one thing, and what the characters actually did (good and bad) is another thing.
(Spoilers ahead for those who haven't read The Last Wish, Sword of Destiny and Blood of Elves)
You said that Triss has done some very messed up things (making her an awful person). When we talk about Blood of Elves, she's done one certainly messed up thing (the way she had seduced Geralt). But if this makes Triss awful, then Yen would be quite awful as well, if not worse. Yen has done some messed up things to Geralt in the short stories, and there was also described how she was "enchanting" a young man in order to have sex with him. In comparison, the fling between Triss and Geralt was apparently much more "consensual" (it was described as a "brief relationship" and Geralt wasn't blaming Triss for it).
Other than that, I don't think Triss did anything in BoE that would make her a bad person. Some readers dislike her personality, that's fair enough (as some others dislike Yen's), but that's more a matter of preference than of the character being an awful person (doing some very messed up things).
I don't recall anything that would indicate Geralt harboring negative feelings towards Triss. On the contrary. In The Sword of Destiny, Geralt remembers Triss like this: "The chestnut-haired Triss Merigold, cheerful, giggling for no reason, looking like a teenager. He had liked her. And she had liked him." In BoE, although some of her behavior makes him uncomfortable, they're good friends. Triss would like them to be more than that, but she does the right thing when she (against her own interest) prods Geralt to contact Yen, even though, ironically, he had invited Triss in order to avoid Yen, since his relationship with Yen was so difficult.

Claire Marge says:

I really want to play the game, and read the books so badly!😍

mentinfusion says:

Now I'm intrigued 😀 I have this sitting on my shelf for a couple of months, mainly because I don't have as much time as I would like to read it, but I will prioritize it before the end of the year. I'm curious to see what I would think about the dialogue. Will you continue the series?

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