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I looooooove Sanderson.
Join me next Wednesday for my first ever Sanderson Talks video! BE PREPARED. READ THE FIRST 300 PAGES OF WAY OF KINGS! Let’s read/discuss together!

I actually “read” the first one on audio and it was great, so If you’re into audiobooks, here’s Mistborn:

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litlmonkeybro101 says:

You should read Alloy of Law and the rest of the Wax and Wayne series.

SarahtheEagle says:

It was a MISTake

tailz555 says:

I was told by a person to read this series, and at first i wasn't sure how I would feel about it. I bought all three of the books, and the Australian covers were so beautiful. Unfortunately the company that printed the books did a terrible job, so close to half the text in the book looked like it was bold while other pages weren't, it got to the point where i put the first book down and started a different one. When i began to read "The final empire" again i was so captivated by everything about it that the terrible printing didn't even matter for a while, although it was devastating to discover that the same printing problem had occurred in ALL of the books. I'm thinking of getting another of his series, but I don't know which one, any suggestions?

Katie Lee says:

"Through space and time"

So reading Mistborn is like traveling in the Tardis? Sign me up!

Bradley Peterson says:

Just when you thought the Mistborn series cannot get any better, Brandon Sanderson throws The Well of Ascension at you (my favorite one as well). Just when you thought the Mistborn series couldn't get even sadder or more epic, Brandon Sanderson throws The Hero of Ages at you. That ending was amazing and so sad. I was crying so hard; I decided it was too hard to hide the tears from my family (it is so hard to cry silently, wtf). After reading the ending, it kind of felt like the series was a prequel to the reality in which we live in. Like the book was some story about how God was "born".

Lewis Edwards says:

I have to say, you look a lot like Amanda Bynes. When she was cute btw not crazy.

Britney Rezendes says:

Hmmm…. I have the first three on my NOOK in a collection. I started them, but got busy and distracted. Maybe I need to try again. You have yet to steer me wrong coughPERCYJACKSONcough

Ma. Clarisse Dagasdas says:

Lemme just put it out there. ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS THERE'S BOOKTUBERS IS BECAUSE OF CassJayTuck. Mkay bye.

Kay K says:

Loved Elantris and The Emperor's Soul.  Read book 1 of Mistborn series, but didn't continue.  Will have to go back and start again.  It was very good, but they are quite dark.  Maybe that is why I didn't continue before.

Scott Horton says:

Hey Cass, I was just at B&N and Brandon Sanderson was there doing a book signing and I thought of you. 🙂

רחל כהן says:

Girl!, you should put a- #####****SPOILERS ALERT****#####
i read the book serious before and i am IN LOVE and agree with

BTW i really dont know if you should read the book Alloy of Law.. it gives such a bad depressing and disappointing picture of what the world becomes after the first trilogy is done..

jvu guf says:

that opening though… I don't think I have ever laughed so much.

Moriah Betzalel says:

Such an awesome trilogy 😀
I can't wait to put my hands on The Alloy of Law.

Lauren Wilkinson says:

Cassidy please watch Attack on Titan or read the Manga! Either one will take about 15 minutes of your time and its really worth it!

Ky J says:

Wait. Does she not know about The Alloy of Law? 

Britney Duston says:

So I just randomly watched your review on the Selection. Then I thought, wow l, she just summed up everything I felt from that book. So I looked at your channel. YOU'RE A SANDERSON FAN?!?! This review was just spot on! Can't wait to see more:) Also, you're pretty funny and I love your enthusiasm.

sam s says:


Tone FSG says:

am I the only who liked Zane? D-:

Noelle White says:

Hey Cassidy 😀

Xinbor says:

On a scale of Nightwielder to Steelheart, how epic was The hero of ages?

Xinbor says:

You should read Alloy of law, it's a mistborn novel 300 years after The hero of ages

dancer28tjh says:

Oh my poop you were at slc comic con?!?! I wish I could've seen you! I'm highly depressed now..

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