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Oops I accidentally deleted the original video so heres it again!
Hope you liked my recommendations! Thanks for watching 🙂

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Sasha Alsberg
PMB 114
825 Waukegan Rd. A8
Lake Forest, IL


Instagram: @sashaalsberg & @theshadowhunters
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LoveEquestria4evet says:

Little did she know the TOG series was going to get a whole lot crazier

Melissa Terry says:

I have a recommendation a book called rites of passage. It’s about a girl named Samantha who makes a bet with her brother to stay in boot camp

basically nicole says:

I would read the white hot Kiss but if my mum will see the cover she will kill me

Almost Anything says:

May I ask a question? Why do you have 3-4 copies of city of bones?

P.S. I want to thank you for introducing me to the mortal instruments series in another video. Best Summer Ever!!

Shilpi Sharma says:

where's Twilight?!!!

Artemida Yeats says:

ughh it's soo difficult to find these books in bulgaria ( in bg language) cuz i'm from Bulgaria (im not bg but i'm much used to reading in bg ,cuz i've lived here since i'm born) and everytime i watch your videos i havet to literally "Go through hell" to find the exact name from the book so i can buy it here.
Rn i cant't find Branded the book in bg….
P.S – I love you Sasha you are my role model !😊😊

Kawaiistorm:3 aj says:

I love the books that switch view points because it lets you experience what the other person is thinking and feeling

zozo dawn says:

Is Cinder appropriate for kids 10 and under?

Jessica 724 says:


UNTIL MY SHIP DIE #TeamDorian for life

Peter Sky says:

Your mind is even more attractive than your outside. Wish I could meet you, you and I would talk for days!

Isabelle Lund says:

You would be a fantastic author!

Aplle Pine says:

These Divergent posters in the background #fangirling

Ahl 0032 says:

Who else is crying at the ending of Empire of Storms? Fucking Maeve

timetravelbook says:

sarah j mass' books are awesome! I understand you sasha!!! These books are amaziiiing! Loved the plot twist and….and….there are just no words…love it! 💚

Gianna So says:

Your divergent poster at the back just made me jelly

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