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Hello Today’s book review of The Power Novel; the importance, dystopians in general and answer questions about the book Obama selected as one of his favorite of the year.

Like if you have read the book; Hope you enjoyed the review and Open Dialogue! Would love to continue this convo below in the comments! Like, Comment, Share

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Thes Skep says:

If it is on the list of the president that started 4 wars, then it should be red…

Gday mates says:

It shines a light on how ridiculous sexism is. I'm not finished it yet but I'm up to the part where they won't allow men in public without a female escort and I laughed because it seems so absurd but it's real life for SO many women! I read that and thought "I hope men read this book and think about how ridiculous sexism is." It also shows how much you can shift whatever ideology to justify your beliefs and the mother eve storyline is a great example of that. Power truly does corrupt, unfortunately.

Real Clear Thinking says:

Thanks for the review. You do a good job. Although I would jab my eyes out if I read it, I am glad you did the review. Keep it up! 🙂

Jasonmartin2k says:

You two are great!

FreeFormLady says:

I've seen this book around but wasn't sure if I would like it. Your discussion has definitely peaked my interest.

queen2539 says:

Added to my Google books list

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