blood of elves book talk | witcher wednesday

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this is definitely more ramble than review but I really enjoyed blood of elves and I’m excited to read the rest of the books in the series

The Last Wish Review:
Sword of Destiny Review:
Time of Contempt Review:
Baptism of Fire Review:


Globox2004 says:

Oh great Dandelion question… So original name is Jaskier which translated to English means Buttercup. As buttercup doesn't sound too poetic translators choose Dandelion, which fits really nicely. While making audiobooks for some reason they decided to read it differently, probably thinking that it would be silly for a name to sound like a flower. When games came out they decided to say it as is said in games. The name is said properly in Sword of Destiny because for some reason Sword of Destiny was released in english later then Blood of elves. English release of witcher books is a confused mess.

Boris Feldman says:

Do not worry about Ciri, she won't be a competiotion to Yen, nothing more to say!

cryingaboutbooks says:

if I remember correctly in the game it’s pronounced danDElion but I still always pronounce it danDELion (if that makes sense lol?) – also! I’m really curious what you think of triss so far! great review 💕

T.B. Caine says:

wow you ran through Blood of Elves so fast! But yay that you're enjoying the series more now. At this rate I'm sure you will end up finishing the whole series before the TV show drops

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