Bird Box by Josh Malerman ∆ Book Review!

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ChapterStackss says:

Hello! It's crazy to think that this book is now such a popular movie! I reviewed the movie in my last vlogmas video. Overall I thought the book was much scarier – it's inherently more disturbing to be in her head as she's blindly drifting down the river than watching someone who is blind folded in a movie. However in the movie's defense, I think they did as good of a job as they could have considering this concept probably just inherently woks better as a book. BUT I still loved the movie 🙂 I would still recommend reading the book even if you already watched the movie. They're both fantastic, but the atmosphere of the book is much creepier overall.

Kirsty Fairley says:

ChapterStackss-Just finished reading Bird Box, definately one of the most genuinely terrifying books I've ever read, there was one bit during the last third of the book that I thought was even scarier then Emily Blunts bathroom labour scene in A Quiet Place which was already pretty intense as it was.

Thinkbolt says:

Oh wow, you reviewed this FOUR years ago??? I'm embarrassed! Anyway, I agree 100%. The strength of this book is the writing. So SIMPLE and uncluttered.

Ryan Patrick says:

Damn. 3 years ahead of the game.

Mr.Beau says:

Loved this book a first edition over a year ago.

delecka cy says:

who's here because of the movie

LA says:

I subscribed because you know it is good 3 years before the movie came out. So now trust your book reviews. Will be back watching all your videos now. I might discover more books that might be a movie someday.

A.S. Minor says:

For those of you who have seen "Bird Box" on #Netflix, here's my take on it:

The movie is symbolic of #MentalIllness. It speaks of the fact that these "supernatural" creatures cause so much mental distress when people see them that they're forced to commit #suicide. *Spoiler alert* The only people immune to these creatures are the blind people. In the movie, the mentally ill patients in psych units are able to see them and then get the uncontrollable impulse to force others to see them, not caring that it will cause them to kill themselves.

I feel like this speaks to the idea that mental illness is something that can cause people to harm themselves after being unable to control the thoughts and images they have. Those in the movie with #MentalHealth issues are immune because this is something they already live with and have grown accustomed to. They try desperately to force "normal" people to see the truth, but those people's minds cannot handle it, so they are forced to kill themselves. The blind people signify those who are able to recognize the mental illnesses but don't actually deal with them, and thus use this talent to help guide people to safety.

It's interesting to note that the only way for #SandraBullock to survive is by covering her eyes, because it points to how most of society deals with mental illness by pretending it doesn't exist. I really enjoyed this movie. What are your thoughts?

Person says:

After watching the film my eyes felt strange

MrRuidiaz says:

Nice review I just watched the film myself and im planning on making my own review as well thanks for the inspiration

Chavon Boone says:

Watched it like 4 times. So good

Jasmine Wilson says:

Just watched the movie 🎥 Phenomenal

MegaGameLoser says:

Look at this person, doing the review before it was even cool to.



seffi rotti says:

When i first read bird box this is the first videos ive seen. WATCH THE MOVIE ON NETFLIX LET E KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

Steven Roberts says:

I think this will be my next read as soon as I'm done after the dome. Was going to be 1984, but I think its going to be getting bumped

Wintermute says:

I really liked the concept of the book, but I did not find it scary at all. I also did not belive that people could survive the way they did, let alone row a boat, blind. 3/5.

D'Anna Pope says:

It definitely reminds me of The Happening

Rubin4749 says:

Nice lipstick. Color "pops" against your hair.

seffi rotti says:

So theres going to be a movie adaption with a lead actress sandra bullock. I dont know if thats a good choice. Tho hoping to see it.

cornflower blue says:

This was my favorite read of 2016 🙂

Jordyn Rodriguez says:

Has anyone listened to the audio book? Is it good?

Spooky & Boo says:

Great review! We're band new and just made a Bird Box review of our own. I totally agree, it's a great thriller. They are making a movie about this book, Sandra Bullock was cast as Malorie, fingers crossed they can adapt it successfully!

Kenna Smith says:

Am I the only one that felt let down by this book? The anticipation and getting you on the edge of the seat was fantastic, but each time it was nothing. And it was a big let down for me because I had it on my TBR list for quite awhile. Every person who talked about it made it sound so amazing, and it just did not cut it for me. I watch horror films like crazy and they have started to let me down. So for this book to give me that edge of the seat feeling made me so damn happy. I hadn't felt that in such a long time. But in all it never followed through. Almost like she wasn't sure what the "monster" should have been. I mean, maybe that was her point. But for me it just made me unsatisfied by the end.

Shelia Ellison says:

I LOVED when the sisters went to get the pregnancy test and the boy at the counter goes "wow" and Shannon says, "Shut up Andrew! Its for our dog." Haha I loved Shannon…poor Shannon…

Ajinkya Kale says:

One of the most confident 5 stars rating given by me❤

BirdBox has to be my all time favorite thrilling book..
It literally grips and chills you to bones, so is the atmospheric content in it.

Josh Malerman has picked the right nerve, by not describing creature's description and enhancing human fear by blindness..

'Cause human imagination is much more Horrifying than mere Words!

David Vega says:

Holy shit this book.
I just finished it, and it was amazing.
Thank you!

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