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The Year of Horror Book Club!

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Alexa Pereira says:

I love the lighting in the background of this video!

Carissa Enero says:

I really love buying from used book stores not only because it's what I can afford, but I can also find some old books that most book stores don't sell anymore.

Carissa Enero says:

I've read the original Penpal series from the subreddit Nosleep but I haven't seen its published book in any bookstores

Diamond&Coal Books says:

DO NOT read Garden of Shadows first! It will completely spoil some of the biggest twists in the rest of the FITA series. Definitely want to read Flowers In The Attic first, even though Garden is a "prequel" (her format is usually OG character for 3 books, their child for #4 and a prequel for #5 [usually Mom or Grandma]). Publication order for sure with VCA! 😉

Jess Thomas says:

I know a lot of people were let down by Sleeping Beauties but honestly I really really loved it. I preferred it to The Outsider which seems to be an unpopular opinion

Lisa Hill says:

You are definitely not alone. I read so many V.C. Andrews books from like 12 years old and on….so many. I loved them back in the day, I would reread them all the time

Michael Spitz says:

I read the Dollganger series (Flowers in the Attic) when I was like 10 or 11, loved the whole series. Really twisted, but amazing read. I have them in the edition your Garden of Shadows is in. Great haul as usual! 🙂
Edit: you might want to look up the reading order of the series. I think Seeds of Yesterday is the first one.

Devon Buddemeyer says:

Definitely read Garden of Shadows! It was my second favorite book in the series (the first one being Petals on the Wind). I even listen to the GOS audiobook when I ride my bike haha.

Raven Haagenson says:

Omg! I have read like 60 VC Andrew's books. I binge read her when I was in middle/high school. I have a collection of those old school peephole books. They are my favorite. I also got Silent Patient from BOM. And super excited to read Penpal, it's been on my tbr for a long time. You are like my soul sister book twin!

alecksis says:

I was so annoyed by Perfect Days… it felt like YOU but worse. I think the translation was not very good, it just didn’t flow well.

Diana Thomas says:

Garden of Shadows will give too much away about the plot of the Flowers in the Attic series if you read it first. I read V.C. Andrews books as an older teenager and I think I was still too young.

Nail Polish Nook says:

Perfect Days is a great read! Flowers in the Attic was one of my first psychological reads as a preteen. I loved the second book in the series as well. Oh, and My Sweet Audrina was another book that was unsettling.The rest of V.C. Andrews books and others who wrote under her name were not as impressive to me.

Kim Kantor says:

I had to laugh with the VC Andrews’ comment. I worked at a bookstore in late ‘70s, early ‘80s, and SO MANY preteens read Flowers in the Attic, etc. it wasn’t my taste but read it to see what the hype was – I was probably 19 or so. There were things I felt I wasn’t mature enough to understand at the time. Lol! Anyway, super creepy storylines.
Love your videos. I am more a thriller reader than horror but love your input and recommendations. Thanks!

Norma 22 says:

I read the V.C. Andrews series flowers in the Attic in highschool. I really liked it then but wonder how it holds up. I finished We Need to Talk about Kevin this week-even though it had been sitting on my shelf for 10years! Thanks for doing this bookclub-I'm so glad and can't wait for the video on this one .

Chad Davidson says:

Pen pal is damn scary. And he’s disturbing. Loved it.

Book Crazy Kattie says:

I was a housekeeper for a while. It has been my least favorite job.

Moonstone-Dreamer says:

i'm getting more into thrillers/horror lately. Want to read more Stephen King, i've read Carrie, the green mile, the shining. I need to finish reading IT but its so long probably still be reading it this Halloween, and i started in Halloween 2018 lol. it will take me ages

Moonstone-Dreamer says:

several new books i want to read! Maid, the night tiger, gifts and the silent patient all look so good!! Glad i found your channel

The Nikki Diaries says:

Omg Maid sounds so good!!! I love reading books like that and would definitely want to pick that up.

Amanda says:

I’m loving the Sabrina show so I should pick up the graphic novel. I don’t think the Sabrina show is as desperate for shocks. It’s witchy and feminist and I adore it.

sue and will says:

Chapter stackss you might like to read Lullaby by Jonathon Maberry and The Boy in the Window by Ditter Kellen

colburn0004 says:

I thought Sleeping Beauties was really good, but then started to really drag. I feel like King sometimes gets a little too focused on showing the bad people be bad and the good people being good and about 2/3rds through this book it seemed to really drag on that aspect.

BurtonMacready says:

Mate I bought that thing too 😂

Izzy D. says:

Wow, I just started the Flowers in the Attic books again a few weeks ago as I rediscovered them. I read anything by V.C. Andrews when I was 14 years old

Fangirlnoir says:

The Left Hand of Darkness is one of my absolute favorite novels. I read it for a
Science Fiction class I took in Uni and it was my favorite book we read in that class. Her writing is fantastic, it is a hard book, but worth the read.

Carisa Books says:

I was so excited to read Penpal and I was so underwhelmed by it. The whole time I was waiting for something to happen lol. It’s definitely creepy in some parts but I didn’t enjoy it as much I wanted to sadly 😫 The Silent Patient sounds good! I want to pick that one up 🙂 great haul

Daniel says:

11:30 It's bad. Sorry. Under the Dome is a similar King book, but done well.

Nicole Stark says:

Love VC Andrews! Had to sneak it – along with Judy Blume

jamie prince says:

Oh yeah…like you had my too young experience with VC Andrews 🤣

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