Bestselling Author Stephen King Talks About Under the Dome

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Learn more about Under The Dome at Stephen King discusses the inspiration and writing process for his mesmerizing new novel, Under the Dome.


Tristan Laverack says:

"The fact is we all live under the Dome" ~Stephen King

The Esperanza Compromise By Jason Daniel Baker says:

Good trailer for the book and the adaptation.

Dorina Polevai says:

Definitely my favorite book by now! Wow!!❤️❤️❤️

LilWeez21 says:

Just finished the book.
It is brilliant in every way! Read it! I would have to write an essay on how much this book kept the reader engaged. And when I started part two, I couldn't put the book down. This book is terror at its finest!

Mike says:

the book was alright. I think that if I wasn't in jail I probably wouldn't of finished it. My favorite is still pet cemetery.

Guttwistah says:

For me this book was really "heavy" cause of the characters in it.They pretty rude sometimes.But still it's a masterpiece!

Jacques COULARDEAU says:

Jacques Coulardeau at (59)

Stephen King – Under the Dome –
A Military-Industrial X-File Plot

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen
Realistic Racism or Racist Realism

You have all reasons to be afraid. The world, the cosmos, the universe are against you and you will fail.

That’s the absolute pessimism of the series. There is no hope and your victory, bringing a dome down, is only the first step of the final invasion, just like Brexit is the first step towards the absolute homogenization of the world, homogenization in diversity, and not the fake superficial and rather limited diversity of the sexes (only two, more or less) or genders (about at least twelve with all orientations) but the diversity of absolutely all differences seen as an asset for all, including extraterrestrial differences if they exist or appear one day, brought back by some cosmonaut, astronaut or spationaut from the vast cosmos.

The novel was quite open on the extraterrestrial dimension. The series has become totally centered on that element.

The novel revealed how every single difference could become the cause of some segregation or violence. The series keeps that element but introduces the concept of a kinship, supposedly of extraterrestrial origin, but that is a totalitarian organization: absolute obedience (obey or die) and dependence (be dependent and survive), total submission (submit or die), final sense of sacrifice (be ready to sacrifice your life for the survival of the kinship and survive till the time has come for your sacrifice)

Not Active says:

I hate junior

Not Active says:

This book and its show are epic stop hating 😡

Not Active says:

Best book ever😝

Rick Harding says:

He's talking about Flat Earth

theivory1 says:

This is one by King that I haven't read. The TV series was entertaining. maybe I'll go pick it up after work.

Paul Salinas says:

All his books are masterpieces. I've yet to read one that I have not enjoyed. By far the best are all the Dark Tower books. Totally 19.

Koontzie97 says:

Yes, we wont be surprised by what the characters do because we have them in our lives… i need to get those bodies out of the pantry. lol all joking aside Under The Dome is a good read.

Andrea Di Atene says:

it took me 1 month to read the first 100 pages and 3 days to read the next 750.

CroMarduk says:

he writes too many books and 90 % of his books are bad. I loved Misrey and The Dark Half, other than that he's books become stale after getting through half of them…

Wendy T says:

He is very prolific and the studio often has to cut corners (characters) to make the program bankable. Did he even write the screenplay? I never expect a movie/program to be as good as the book.

BorgKing001 says:

wasn't a big of Under the Dome but King is still King in my book.

Molly Crissey says:

O.K.little child is blowing bubbles in back yard,the BUBBLE gets bigger and bigger,and before we know it, the whole block is under a DOME.The child gets scared and does not know what to do. He walks around the small town getting on everyones nerves for 7weeks,and then pops the bubble. M y version of Under The Dome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matsa brothers says:

It's just a soap opera.

Delatorro McNeal says:


It makes a variation when you see that your writings change the life of others.

Anton Danzig says:

Total off subject comment.

Stephen King bought like………EVERYONE in Maine heating oil a few Winters ago.

At least the people who couldn't afford It and senior citizens.

Real cool dude.

tonysmartguy says:

So I'm gathering that the show isn't like the book…:<

Paul King says:

pink stars are falling in lines….pink stars are falling in lines….pink stars are falling in lines….pink stars are falling in lines….pink stars are falling in lines….pink stars are falling in lines….pink stars are falling in lines….pink stars are falling in lines

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