Best Thriller Books For Beginners πŸ”₯ || Book Recommendations For Beginners πŸ“š πŸ“š

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Best Thriller Books For Beginners || Books For Beginners πŸ“š πŸ“š

Hey you beautiful people! Thriller books are one of the best books to start your reading journey with. Ever wondered why so many movie adaptations are actually thrillers? Because they are very very entertaining and hard ti keep down once you start reading them.
In this video, I would be talking about the benefits of reading thriller books and also I would be recommending 4 easy thriller books for beginners.

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Read The Books Mentioned-
The Godfather:
Susanna’s seven husbands:
Jim Corbett Omnibus:
The Silent Patient:


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Baba Don says:

Agatha Christie is best followed by Sherlock holmes and Lee child. Murder mystery of reporter is also good.

Acharya Prabudh says:

I would suggest "Murder mystery of Reporter" by Jaiprakash Jha. It's a wonderful book to read in the mystery detective genre, a must-read for mystery lovers by Agatha Christie. Unlike normal crime thriller this book doesn't focus on brutality of the crime but it focuses on the mystery.

Relaxing Shower & Nature says:

I bought a book Murder mystery of repoter by Jaiprakash Jha. It's a wonderful book. I was surprised with the story. I will recommend all of you to read this book. It's an amazing detective novel must read online available πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Unicorn Blood V2 says:

Pls. Cover The Book Of Leo J. Malnoney I Love How He Writes His Books… Its A Page Turner For Me I Really Love The Guy.. Tnx Upload More Please…

Unicorn Blood V2 says:

I love to read whether thats book or ebook…

Doyel Chakraborty says:

I am 13 can i read the sclient patient

Doyel Chakraborty says:

Which should I get first? Please response fast

Dark knight says:

im a beginner and i Started with "Its All in the planets" by preeti shenoy . Enjoyed the book and it surprised me in some places . Now i want my second read should be a thriller 😌

surjit Singh says:

Do read inkredia by sarang mahajan if you haven't already

AAKASH A 2k18 says:

Tell me which I should first plsss

Palli says:

Please please please… Recommend me a good comedy thriller
More specifically… Comedy psychological thriller

I'm really tired of searching.. Can find a single one

Bhavya Thutheja says:

I want to read the shining is it too scary?

Hem's VA says:

Nanital and northeast region of India.. Matlab Kuch bhi

IYI gaming says:

Is the silent patient story is copied by the movie criminal justice

Brightest Star says:

Can anyone suggest me books in hindi.. 😢I have to give someone special

Anushree Jayaram says:

When it comes to thriller I love Sidney Sheldon's book .Just a small request please make a video on his books too.

Rishi Narendhran says:

I read a book in which a physically disabled person is killed…and the investigators suspect the dead person's owner and his family members… u know ?????
Plz help me

Shooting Hoops says:

Cause of this video, I have read " The Silent Patient " … Thanks for suggesting this one!

ranjana gundumane says:

I have read the Man eaters of Kumoan during my Post Graduation days while staying at hostel. At one time my friends had gone home for the weekend and I was alone in the block and was reading it at night. I was so scared to the point that I closed all the windows and doors and hadn't stepped out πŸ˜‚. It's such a well written book. It gave me chills.
Your take on thrillers is refreshing. I think no booktuber has considered these books as thrillers. Good to hear from you. Keep the good work going πŸ‘

Raghav Upadhyay says:

Stephen King is great but can make you feel a bit gloomy…

Hetal Ramesh Gala says:

Stranger trilogy by novneel

Bhuwnesh rawat says:

Tq for recommend these amazing books

Madhu Mishra says:

You explained everything so well…Appreciate it..


And fravourite book is IT by Stephen king and da Vinci code by Dan brown


My favourite thriller writer is STEPHEN KING

D E E P says:

Why did you have two books of "The power of your subconscious mind"? πŸ€”

Naureen Parween says:

I am starting reading for my vocabulary

Pardeep Kalsi says:

so sad only few people reads books

Harshda Jawalkar says:

Nancy drew the best book of mystery

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