Best Fantasy Books I've Read In 2019 So Far

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Dawn Rigel says:

Good call wearing the Zanarkand Abes t-shirt! It's what made me watch your video over all the others lol.

Nilu Lal says:

Very nice selection of choices. I was looking for some new in the genre n came across your channel! Thank u for awesome selections,im excited about few books u mentioned into my tbr..Hope your hand gets better😊 soon.

Breakeven Books says:

Nice! I will check out your Etsy Shop!

Bibliofilth says:

Ouch at the hand! But yay at the fantasy books! I always end up adding way too many books to my TBR after your fantasy videos.

Dale LeRose says:

Cool a lot of fantasy I haven't heard of great vid glad I found your channel!😊 Happy reading!

90sgrungechick says:

I'm thinking about buying something from your Etsy shop for my hubby. ^_^ He loves Vikings.

All Booked Up says:

Ok, so I'm probably going to have to try out some flintlock fantasy, you've intrigued me. Is the Django Wexler series a good place to start if you've not read any before? Also, you've got to try First Law. I think based on your enjoyment of Black Company you'd like it

Margaret Adelle says:

YOU READ THE SHADOW CAMPAIGNS. I've been desperate to find someone to talk about it with, but it seems like no one else is reading it. Winter Ihernglass is one of my favorite protagonists of all time. Love that she's queer, too.

I'm gearing up to read The Infernal Battalion this month. I'm hoping to do a video essay on how expertly Marcus's ingrained benevolent sexism is handled and his subsequent character arc.

SamuelDaram says:

Hello Justin! Interesting choices. I haven't heard of Django Wexler before. (I just subscribed to your channel.)

Rob Paul says:

Blackwing was great.
Also love the Horus Heresy, especially books by Dan Abnett and Graham McNeil. Beyond the heresy there's also tons of good books in the later eras of warhammer, as well as their fantasy realms. Gaunts' Ghosts by Abnett is great as well. For real pulp fantasy fun Gotrek & Felix is also a lot of fun.

I think you might also like KJ Parker, low to none magic fantasy based on engineering, weaponsmithing, sieges.. very cool books.

Broke in the Bookstore says:

1. Sorry about your hand! Hope it heals well! 2. Are those editions of different mythologies behind you? I see Greek Myths and I think something about Vikings? And 3. Holy crap did not realize the T.H. White Arthur re-telling was a series! I’ve got Once and Future King and need to get a hold of Sword in the Stone. Is Book of Merlin by T.H. White part of that series? I’m collecting Arthurian legends and re-tellings because I’ve got a novel idea in the works and it’s research haha!

Love the video, hope your hand heals quickly. Stay away from angry cats lol-Ali

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