Best Books I've Read Because of Booktube! | Mackenzie Lane

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Hi there!

I would definitely recommend all of these books – & thank you to Booktube! I’m so happy for this platform full of readers who have shown me some of my favorite books!

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David Edwards says:

Top 5 speculative/dystopian fiction

#speculativefiction #dystopianfiction

1. 1984 Orwell – the start

2. The Handmaid's Tale by Attwood – the most popular now

3. Wool by Howey  self published at first

4. Something To Tell You by Edwards – new just read

5. Memory of water Itaranta

Farid Tejeda says:

My favorite authors j.k Rowling and Stephen king

I Don't Know Elisa says:

Can you do another one of these ? I used to do booktube; I should do it again 😫

Jennifer Cassidy says:

I lovvved We Were Liars. It tugged on my heart so bad and when the twist came I cried so hard! 💔😩❤

maya h says:

Just subscribed, great channel! <3

readinginfinitely says:

Omg I’ve never read the selection and I need to! I love your aesthetic! 💗

Luca Leone says:

I've seen Selection on almost Everyones book shelves but you're the first person that has talked about it haha

jen miller says:

I love your necklace

sequoiah thunder says:

loved loved LOVED the short yet very sweet intro:)

Jolie Taylor says:

I love The Selection series! And yeah good choice to just stick with the original three.

Dude PHD says:

Check out Reality X: The house of Infinite Rooms.

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