BEST and WORST True Crime/Creepy Podcasts!

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Podcast Mentioned:
All Killa No Filla
My Favorite Murder
S Town
Last Podcast on the Left
No Sleep

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Wylie Baker says:

Crime Junkie is good.. But sword and scale is better.

Peter Bae says:

hey go check out this cool app I found. you can make a LIVE podcast!!
they are doing a big $$ giveway!

Misanthropic Musings says:

My Favorite Murder , definitely not my taste. The twenty or so minutes of anecdotes that open the show are uninteresting, and the true crime stories do not seem very well researched. On the other hand Last Podcast On The Left I find hillarious and insanely well researched. Neither are necessarily gonna be to everyone's tastes so your mileage may vary.

sunnylilme says:

I don't know why everyone loves my favorite murder. The hosts are WAAY too off topic conversational. I LOVED S-town.

Holly S says:

CRIME JUNKIE is the best! 😍 I couldn’t get into My Favorite Murder either, in fact I thought it was way overrated.

ParabolH says:

Small town murder. Great research. A show every week. Good comedy. Never ever make fun of the victims in any way.

karen king says:

"True Crime Garage" my fav

Elizabeth Dampier says:

I didn't like my favorite murder either

Herman Pesina says:

My favorite murder was great the first couple of years. It's now 50% side chitchat 30% adds and 20% anything interesting. They focus more on listener stories which I feel was a cool concept when it first came out but now it's just a cop out to let the listeners do the heavy lifting and all they have to do is read it out loud and call it an episode. Good idea you skipped it.

Kenny says:

Late to the party here, but CASEFILE! My favorite by far…

together! pangea! says:

I like crime junkies

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