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Before you read the dark tower, maybe give this a watch. Migh help. Stephen King is polarizing, but the Dark Tower is kinda a big deal for fantasy.
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Daniel Greene says:

I have no idea why I made that intro either.
Notice how I said Susan and now Susannah? That will haunt me forever.

Nathan Beer says:

110 people have forgotten the face of their fathers.

Roland Deschain says:

Anybody ever notice that The Walking Dead is just a retelling of Dark Tower?

Anthony Henriques says:

whoa buddy… Roland is a lot of things but it's sociopath he is most definitely not

Jack Mull says:

does anyone have the music that went along with this?


Some of us read the series as the books were released. It took me 30 years. I didn't get to read them one right after the other like you young folks. I had to reread The Gunslinger 6 times ( to refresh my memory by the time the next book came out) the Drawing of the Three 5 times, the Wates Lands 4 times, wizard and Glass 3 times, the Wolves of Calla 2 times, Song of Suzannah and finally The last book The Dark Tower. But WAIT! There's more! Then came The wind Through the Keyhole a stand alone which is set between books 4 and 5. to make this work for me I had to start at the beginning and read them all over again putting the last book in its proper place. But I loved it all so much that I wouldn't have it any other way. 🙂

caleb Miksovsky says:

I'm going to finish book 1 tonight so excited for 2

The Comic Book Guy says:

The Drawing Of The Three was the best

DB Sunshine says:

“ Before you read the dark tower, let me tell you all about it.”

erictko85 says:

Just bought the first book. Will report back here and there during the journey. Thanks for the video

RayneWindsor says:

I love the series. Have read it 2 or 3 times over the years. I recently had to spend an extended period in bed & a friend of mine turned me onto the audiobooks for this series. All I can say is WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed being read to & I feel like I picked up some things that I didn’t when I read the books. If you have the time & the inclination, I highly recommend the audiobooks. They are extremely well done.

Diego Alberto Jimenez says:

I don't think you need to read any of Stephen King other books to understand or appreciate the Dark Tower series. The first Stephen King book I ever read was the gunslinger and after that I read the whole series. I understood it perfectly and it didn't rob me from the experience, my experience bieng an excellent one. I think the other mentions of the Dark Tower in other Stephen King books, are all Easter eggs. It doesn't add anything to the Dark Tower series story, nor does it enhance the experience or anything. Like I read many years later Salem's Lot, and I didn't find it relevant to the Dark Tower despite one of its characters appears in the Dark Tower. Heck, I though that the Wolves of Calla covered and developed well father Callahan, and you could understand his whole backstory without the need of Salem's Lot. So, while I like the Dark Tower Easter eggs in Stephen King other books, they don't add anything to the series at all.

Sumaira Ahmed says:

Love between the members of ka-tet is the best kind of love I have ever read about!

Christopher Vargas101- says:

I’m not going to lie, I’m scared but I’m going for it.

Rudy Juarez says:

Why did you use clips from that bastard movie? It was awful and an insult to the

Pobotrol says:

I've just finished DT book 7. What an amazing journey, but definitely an uneven one. The plotting is incredibly haphazard and often clumsy, but King builds in an amazing get out clause for the deus ex machina.
What will stick with me is beautiful language and sayings of Midworld.

Patrick Goebel says:

Actually the pursuit of the man in black is really just the focus of the first book, rolands real quest is for the tower.

SofaKing Money says:

The first book is one of the best books I have ever read. IMO

Ham Fan says:

The whole series could be seen as a subconscious contemplation of the author's mortality.

nikki venable says:

What if I'm a huge SK fan but not really a fantasy fan…should I still read this? I have the entire series sitting on my shelf but have put it off for oh, about 15 years. UGH. I've read nearly all of his books, except for Sleeping Beauties and Elevation. I think what keeps me from this series is just the number of books in it AND hearing such negative things about the first book as well as the pacing. I don't necessarily need a fast-paced book nor do I need everything to happen in the first book(as many people seem have wanted)….so those things shouldn't put me off. I think the thing REALLY holding me back is just the number of books in the series and wondering if I can hold my attention long enough to read all the way through which is how I'd have to do it(due to my memory getting fuzzy quickly these days).

Fryguysun says:

I guess I'll check out the film first to see if I like the setting enough to read the books.

kirby march barcena says:

Roland is so complicated but he will do what is necessary whether it will be ethical or not

Reid Wallace says:

Step one, remember the face of your father.

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