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SimplyAWitch says:

Plenty of witches are not wiccan, i personally dont believe in Karma the majority of the time the people get away Scot-free and when they don't? thats likely cause someone knowingly or unknowingly hexed them or the simple cause and affect of some loose end they left.

nature1053 says:

I did flip through that book. To be honest, I thought that book for the most part was total rubbish. I'd never recommend purchasing it.
Enjoyed the video. Thank you! Many blessings! Syker : )

BloodStorm1991 says:

Wicca is the "and it harm none" bit, being a witch has nothing to do with that. Regardless the book annoys me.

STEPHiiE. says:

LOVE your review!!!

Ricardo Gigante says:

you're funny 🙂

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