Attempting a Reading Vlog!

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Closed Captions [cc] available!

Spoiler alert: I’m terrible at this.

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Books Mentioned
The Impossible Girl by Lydia Kang
Tell Me How It Ends by Valeria Luiselli
Ms. Marvel vol 8 by G. Willow Wilson
Blood in the Water by Heather Ann Thompson
#fashionvictim by Amina Akhtar
Suicide Club by Rachel Heng
Mirage by Somaiya Daud
The Golden Son by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

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aptasi says:

I like reading vlogs even if I don't pay close attention to them because I can put them on in the background and it's pleasant background to make the anxiety go down. So by all means do more but only if it's healthy you too.

luvBB4lyf says:

yay love your vlogs!!

Sandra Reiss says:

That vlog you did where you went to work and that cool bookstore was great..I did feel a little trapped in your room, wanted to go outside Haha.

Shana Samuel says:

Ahh, I loved this! I've been watching your videos for a while now and can I just say how much I appreciate seeing a South Asian booktuber killing the game! I love your chaiya references and LOL at the pizza making scene and "don't be weird about it" 😂😂😂 You're amazing, Rincey!

Erika K says:

Love you reading vlog Rincey! Glad you got a lot of reading done and a new snow blower! 🙂 I picked up Mirage at the library today!

pvcollectives says:

I love Vanessa’s video.

Donald Scott says:

The vlog is great, real insight to you as a person as well as a reader. Keep 'em coming!

pvcollectives says:

I love your reading vlogs

karenwilliams72 says:

I love your Beatles Hoodie! Super cute! I'm going to be looking for Fashion Victim. That sounds like a good one. Suicide Club and The Golden Son both sound interesting.

Jack Literary Corner says:

I enjoyed your vlog. I wish I could do vlogs, but I would probably forget or tire of having to do them regularly.

Staša / Tash Ruzic says:

also apologies if i somehow entered more than once in the giveaway my phone glitched 🙁

Staša / Tash Ruzic says:

I love reading vlogs! 😀 good luck at your new job!

Susanna H says:

Thank you for the incredible amount of work you put into this video! (Doing 30 min of captions is a lot on its own) It was fun to hear a bit more about your daily life and what you were reading. But definitely no pressure (from me) to do it again. 🙂

vol43 says:

I loved this reading vlog so much! I thought the Golden Son was super engaging as well.

unmanaged mischief says:

If you don't like making reading vlogs, don't feel pressured. I love them, even the "boring parts" where you're just talking through your day. It is probably some voyeuristic tendency, but I find it all very interesting! :]

Super Pao says:

You rock! 7 books is awesome!

libertylife7 says:

I really enjoyed your reading vlog. Please keep them coming.

A. G. Macdonald says:

I'm buddy reading Mirage very soon. I'm really hoping I love it.

The Novel Sanctuary says:

I love reading vlogs

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