Adult Science Fiction & Fantasy Books I Want To Read (and you might too) || June 2020

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Just some Adult SFF books I want to read, and you might want to read them too.

– Cass


|| B O O K S M E N T I O N E D ||

The Sword of Kaigen by: M.L. Wang –
Words of Radiance by: Brandon Sanderson –
Caliban’s War by: James S.A. Corey –
Jade War by: Fonda Lee –
Children of Time by: Adrian Tchaikovsky –
Wrath by: John Gwynne –


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Epic. Book.Writer says:

Wow love this!❤️ It took me 9 months to write my first book it's now out on Amazon its called (Nova The Quest Of Dreams) feel free to check it out I am looking for feedback pretty 👽📖💚😍

Rin Sesshomaru47 says:

Sword of Kaigen was amazing!!!!

Ramiz Bari says:

Thank you for the recommendations I have seen the sword of kaigen on my amazon suggestion so will check it out

clarkkentnaruto says:

Hi there. That is a great TBR pile of books. If I was not so busy trying to listen to the audio book version of the Wheel of Time series, I am currently listening to book 4, and listening to the Dresden Files, I would join you on a few of those that you have mentioned. I might wind up rethinking my plans.

Jess Owens says:

I just finished Ruin by John Gwynne and the ending destroyed me. I’m waiting for my copy of Wrath to arrive so I can finally finish this series. I’m nervous 😭

FableForager says:

I have heard such good things about John Gwynne's books but Malice has been languishing on my shelf judging me….for a very long time. I think it's the size…it has to be the size because it sounds so good!

Let's Read says:

I feel exactly the same about reading Caliban's War. Curious to consider with the series, but not in any immediate rush. I keep saying one day it will happen, but my doubts about that are increasing. I really hope you enjoy Children of Time, it's magnificent.

Wilde Book Garden says:

The way you laughed when you held up Wrath 😂 we all have those books we’re embarrassed are still on our TBR!

Leah K says:

Yes The Sword of Kaigen! So good.
I'm also planning on reading Words of Radiance next month. I tabbed off every 35 pages or so so I have a schedule to stick to for the month. The only other book I have to read in August is The Hate U Give for the book club I am in so that should give me plenty of time to read it! I'm hoping it goes faster than the first one which was a little slow to get into.

Nicole E. says:

I see you too are coping with the world by reading some of the biggest tomes you have.

Clari Carricart says:

Words of Radiance is perfect, I cannot stress this enough! I hope you love it.

Zachary says:

Ooh I'm going to be reading Caliban's War next! I enjoyed Leviathan Wakes a lot, excited to see the rest of the series.

ASeaofTomes says:

I always love these kinds of videos. It gives me so many new books to check out.
I've heard a lot of mixed things about the Sword of Kaigen but it's definitely one I want to try sometime.
Stormlight is definitely on my TBR for this year (I think maybe in July?). I'm buddy reading them with a friend and I'm SO excited to get to it!
I tried a sample of Leviathan Wakes and I'm still not sure if I should continue with it. I'm very on the fence about it. I'm weirdly picky with sci-fi for some reason and I'm still trying to figure out what works for me and what doesn't.
Hearing you talk about the Green Bone saga is so contagious and I love it. Normally I don't like urban fantasy, but you're making me want to look into it some more.
I always hear such great things about Children of Time as well.
I still need to get to the Faithful and the Fallen too. But I just need to start it haha.
I really enjoyed this Cass and I hope you enjoy all of them when you get to them.

Danielle Oliver says:

I believe the Sword of Kaigen is a prequel for the Theonite series

Amy says:

Interested in what you think of Sword of Kaigen since we both love The Poppy War and Jade City. I had high hopes for it but unfortunately it wasn't for me as I felt the execution was lacking.

The Library of Allenxandria says:

New subscriber here! Great video! I like this format, as I read almost exclusively adult SFF. There are so many new series that I want to start, but I…must…finish…Malazan….2 more to go lol

Safina N says:

Hi great video!! I tried to read John Gwynn book, I couldn’t read the series anymore. I’m reading Robert Jordan books wheel of time series which I’m
Enjoying!! Keep safe!!

The Bookish Mom says:

I just finished Sword of Kaigen, and it lived up to all the hype PLUS some! As a mom, I loved the main character who is a late 30's aged mom of 4… like WHAT we never get that in fantasy! It is a stand a lot, but apparently there is a related series that takes place many years after this book that has some connections ( I plan on reading it soon but haven't yet).

Jessticulates says:

The Sword of Kaigen is fantastic! I ended up really enjoying Children of Time, too – although I'd say it's a novel that definitely rewards patience, but once you get to the end of it you realise how truly epic it is.

Corey DiNardo says:

Excited to see you pick up CHILDREN OF TIME. I read it a couple months ago. Very plot-driven and dealing with serious themes. Not too focused on character. I usually prefer character-driven books but I really enjoyed it.

Ana Julia Velasque says:

I just discovered your channel and I am in love with your recomendations haha Loved this video and added a lot of the books to my tbr, love from Brazil <3

Anita Reads says:

Like so many of these books (or earlier books in series) are on my TBR. Personally I hope to definitely finish Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson, and Priory of the Orange Tree, get to Ruin by John Gwynne, Knight's Shadow by Sebastian De Castell, Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier, plus I really should get to some more from my Stephen King reading list. The Talisman, Skeleton Crew and IT are on my list to read this year for sure, and those are all over 600 pages 😆🤞🏻

Hanna Muriel says:

Children of Time was amazing! It's unlike anything I've ever read. Hope you'll like it as well!

Reads With Kesara says:

I’m planning to read The Sword of Kaigan in July. I can’t wait to get to it! 😊

Read and Find Out says:

ML Wang has some other books set in the same universe as The Sword of Kaigen! I haven't read that one yet (though I definitely need to), but they did send me their debut which I really enjoyed. I think that Words of Radiance is the best book currently published in the Cosmere!

themusicsnob says:

These all look super fun! I am so bad at committing to series that I end up avoiding a lot of adult sci-fi and fantasy, but these reviews definitely make more more interested in picking some up soon.

Literature Science Alliance says:

Words of Radiance is probably my favorite book ever so I am very excited for you to get to it! I am starting Malice and Jade City in July hopefully ☺️ I think I am holding off on the Expanse until all the books are out and I can get a sense if people like the ending cause it is such a commitment right now

amy marvel says:

Hi! I just love your videos, idk of I've told you that before lol.

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