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A Discovery of Witches Season Two is finally out from Sky and today we will be analysing the whole season. Is it better than the book? Were the new characters well cast? What can we expect from Season 3?


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LilithvonDark says:

Nooooo im sorry the Books are alwas better ;)…

Eileen Smith says:

Just finished Season 2… this show is a guilty pleasure for me. I'm happy that all the book Fans get to see their favorite characters come to life on screen, I'm sure its exciting. As someone who hasn't read the books but a fan of fantasy Television, I found the 1st season Jarring. The set peices and Camerawork was A1, The actors who played Matt & Diana are seasoned and well known. Unfortunately the dialogue they were given makes it impossible to suspend your disbelief. I found myself laughing out loud at parts that I'm pretty certain wasn't meant to be funny. I just don't believe 2 seemingly middle age Adults or 1,000 year old Vampire would immediately Fall in Love that quickly…. Not without more tension & deliberation at lease. That's why the slower pace in this Season really worked for me. I was able to finally digest who the De Clairmonts are and their dynamics with other creatures. This was a sign that the Network is trying really hard to pull in viewership from non-book readers so changing and stretching out the plot was absolutely necessary. The dialogue between the 2 antagonists remain cringy throughout ( Adults just don't talk like this, if they had to keep that dialogue they should have cast younger actors) if not for that, this show might have been Mainstream gold. The premise and the beautiful cinematography makes it almost worth it! Can't wait for Season 3.

Juanita Madera says:

I disagree with your analysis of this season. I actually enjoyed it, and liked the changes they made from the book. I loved the new characters Gallowglass, Phillipe, Kit, Louisa, Mary (although she played a bigger part in the book) and of course Jack. I loved seeing Matthew with Jack. I does feel a little rushed, but it's hard to tell this story in only 10 episodes. The books are so detailed it would have taken another season to just finish Book 2 Shadow of Night. My favorite episodes were 6 & 7. I've re-watched them several times and still cry at the same parts. I loved Phillipe and to feel his love for Ysabeau. It was slower passed in order for you to be able to understand Diana & Matthew's growth for the things to come. They weren't there to change the past; but, to buy some time and stay safe in order for Diana to learn her craft. However, we (those who read the books) know they stayed to long, and lived in the past. The consequence is that not everyone stayed in the past, but are now in their future. There is so much happening in Book 3 The Book of Life that I see why they had to include some of it in this season. I do like where they have left this season. In book 3 we don't learn about Knox's attach at Sept-Tours until Matthew and Diana make it back after landing back at Madison instead of Sept-Tours. It felt like the calm before the storm.

Felicity Kusinitz says:

I'm in the US, where the series just finished airing. I read the books in between season 1 and 2. Even though they left so much out, I was very happy with the adaptation. I would have loved more time with certain characters, especially Philippe, but their time at Sept-Tours captured everything I love about that part of the book.

fallenwings25 says:

I didnt read the books but I enjoy the show. I liked season 1 more than 2. I wanted waaaayyyy more witch stuff than what was shown.
Marcus and gallowglass are my favorite character as well!!!!! I kinda like the side characters more than diana and Matthew. They just give me strong twilight vibes lol

Virgo Queen says:

I can listen to you talk all day ……lol……. I just finished watching episode 9 because here in New York we have to wait, week to week. I did not read the books but I think the Blood Rage Vampire is Jack because the Vampire stole the portraits at the auction house. Matthew Goode has blown me away in season 2 to the point that I have watched everything he has acted in just this past 3 weeks. I only saw him in the Crown and I found him to be interesting but I went all the way back to his movie Chasing Liberty and started from there

Arleen Gomez says:

They missed a couple of the characters there was a boy and girl in the past. There is only on child the boy. She does not get the book until later in the 3rd book.

Edie Lynch says:

Love the Series so far! I understand that some things have to be rushed or shortened.
…so I take that into consideration. The characters and scenery and history are done very well.

Adrian Redd says:

I absolutely adore Matthew & Diana. Love Marcus! The growth of his character as he progresses through the storyline is great! There’s something about the Phoebe character that’s askew. I’m not liking her. I’ve read the complete trilogy and Marcus’ story in Time’s Convert, and still never warmed to her character.

desertwaterdemon says:

I love Deborah’s constant reminder of the servants, like Françoise literally making her clothes!

MINIMALish says:

Okay, I finished the series….and regarding the overall season arc, I agree that it could be considered a filler season but the history nerd in me loved it anyways. 😀 I wish there had been more Gallowglass (because I just love Steven Cree) and I wish the showdown with Louisa and Kit had been amped up a bit. The last few episodes seemed to brush past some plot points, and I was glad I read the books to give them more depth. Like you, I was also surprised the Goddess element did not come in this season–perhaps they are pushing that plot point to season 3? BUT I still loved the season overall and will be watching it on repeat. Especially the first Sept Tours episode. That one was perfection in my mind.

H. Haydon says:

How does Diana get pregnant when Matthew is a vampire?

MINIMALish says:

I just finished Episode 6, and my main critique so far is that they did not give the Philippe plotline enough episodes. It needed at least 3. I also wanted a big beautiful. town-wide wedding, and we got like 3 people awkwardly standing in the background of the courtyard. That was a definite miss for me. Buuuuut the show is absolutely stunning cinematically. It really pulls you into the world they have created for this series.

Sarah Gronow says:

I have been waiting to see your thoughts on season 2 and I agreed with so much of what you said. Personally my favourite scene was episode 6 with Ysabeau, Philippe and the letter (I cried buckets). I loved getting to see what the present day characters were doing. Marcus and Phoebe are brilliant and seeing him come into his own was so good. I loved episode 10 when Ysabeau and Phoebe talked in the office. Gallowglass is a favourite and I wish we'd had more with him. I loved that bit in episode 1 where Matthew and Diana were in bed and she accused him of saying she was a fashion victim, also how they showed the detail of Francoise dressing Diana was well done. All the magic scenes and how they actually showed us the business of weaving was really intriguing to me. Finally, I loved those later episodes where we saw Diana staying with Matthew when he was in the midst of blood rage and how she comforted him after hearing the story of Phillipe's death. I cannot wait for season 3 now, bring it on 😊❤️

Farah Bhatti says:

I loved the book and although season 2 felt a bit rushed I still loved it aswell as I'm obsessed with the All Souls world in general ❤.

Linda Crafts says:

Without spoiling too much…The vampire killer is not Benjamin. If you think about book 3 the answer is in that book. But a major clue was the fact that the killer stole the portraits.

liz19586 says:

OMG! Matthew Goode is such an amazing actor! He looks so hot in period clothes LOL 😍 and has great chemistry with Teresa! I loved this season! However, I felt that some things were very rushed and not that well explained. Like in the end, Kit deserved a better ending, just like in the book; or also a little more detail in the 3 objects they used to time travel; or more time with Phillipe… But despite all those things I mentioned, I loved the show considering is my favorite book in the saga. My favorite episodes were 6 and 7, the wedding was so romantic and all the scenes with Rudolph were so funny!

Dellie Reads says:

Ugh I cannot wait to see it!!

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