A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller: Sci-Fi Book Review (spoiler free)

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My first video- A book review of Walter Miller’s exceptional “A Canticle for Leibowitz”


pratherat says:

Absolutely loved this book.

David Patterson says:

Thanks for a nice interview. I just read the book and I loved it. It was recommended to me by a student in the library where I work as a librarian. I don't usually read science fiction, but this book was something I really enjoyed. I keep thinking about it, even though I finished it about a week ago. Thank you again!

braine0nbludd says:

They say don't judge a book by its cover, but for this I have to and I can tell it's fucking sick!

pierre5325 says:

Dear Pr)pertyPub1ic,
I liked your review, short and sweet. I first read A Canticle for Leibowitz in 1962, (I was 20 years old then) and it totally captured my imagination and spiritual view. I have read it every 5 years, and still I learn about the Existential human condition. thank you, – pierre from New Mexico –

KE4VVF says:

It is one of the best books I have ever read, that includes all genres.

Jenney Melt says:

You should review Tales of The Screaming Eagle. I loved that book!

OneManArmy says:

awesome review . short & to the point!

Stoyan W says:

I just bought this book thanks to your review. Can't wait for Amazon to get it here. Thanks!! :3

Nick John-Child says:

Yes good review, but check out Zars: The Prophet of Mars, by Paolo Raphael, a metaphysical science fiction thriller. Awesome and very real if fiction can be real. Fast moving exciting with passages of great sensitivity and beauty.


i just finished this book and was blown away, especially because it was written so long ago! have you looked at his sequel "Saint Liebowitz and the Wild Horse Woman"? i am wondering if i should read that as well, some reviews are pretty critical….

twashballur says:

Good review.

I'll be sure to buy it sometime soon.

On a related note, it seems like the cover art for almost each edition is amazing.

zcuttlefish says:

A nice informed review. Well done sir.

Drake Stavito says:

Although it is filed under the Post_Apocalyptic genre i feel its more like a tale from each time period. In most post-apocalyptic writings the characters have an idea of what life was like before the world ended. In this masterpeice however its more mysterios and they never seem to understand how the oldworld worked. A perfect example of this is when Brother Francis is having a disscusion with Brother Jeris about electronics and they have an argument that electrons never really existed.

Greg says:

Thanks for not giving the ending away!

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