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It's Me, Steve says:

If it's tough for money, I think section 8 or housing would be awesome too if you don't mind asking for help.!! Where I'm at they help pay after calculating how much income you get and you have to pay 30% of your income for rent. They take care of the rest. For example if the rent is $600 and your gross monthly income is $900. 30% of your income is $300 so you only have to pay $300. Section 8 / housing takes care of the rest of the rent. But deposit is paid fully by you. Also, conbsider applying for SNAP (food stamps, medical, free phone programs, pg e support programs and other stuff to take advantage of) there are plenty of help out there. Not only people who loan you money..! But be sure to stay honest with your self and don't abuse the system. You will have to pay them back if you don't be honest with your income and they find out. And they always find out haha. I'm applying for everything I have listed above and I am so excited but I don't know how happy I can be there. I have always been a family person and kind of a mommas boi, but fuck it duuude hahaha

boscoitalics says:

I would love that studio


So no kitchen !?

M-Cool says:

That's a big studio

ska punk OI! alternative living says:

I'm leaving the room now but it's good live by yourself this is good I like to get to Studio 2 how much are they the prices of Studios

moha d says:

thank you but where is the TV

Marilyn Collions says:

Who cares just show the apt

Promise Litsibane sexyself says:

Why do u have a pic like that?

leeluv96 says:

If it only has one kitchen per floor then it may qualify as a rooming house. That's cool!

Viral Trendz says:

omg the picture in the frame turns evil.

Michael Rauch says:

Considering this….

D'ivouri Rosas says:

Where did you get your mini fridge?

laminage says:

I love your Desk/Vanity. It's so nice and I love how you keep in clean and sparkly. When I look at Studio Apartments it reminds me of Therese Belivet in The Price Of Salt/Carol where she works as a Department Store Employee and lives in a place similar. She goes on a Road Trip with Carol Aird and when she comes back, she's filled with alot of enthusiasm and more confidence than she could even imaging having.

mhad jung says:

Where are the clothes

TheSpicyPotato says:

Fucking summarize your tips in the description god fucking DAMMIT i cant take it anymore!!!!!

Yazzy Jazz says:

This is similar to my apartment with one kitchen on every floor

Rosalia Wijaya says:

No kitchen ???😰😰😰

Steven Freeman says:

I was wondering where did you buy your picture of the female on the wall?
The one that turns evil when you walk past her.

Goldie Ratliff says:

I did see the picture creepy

maria does life says:

I like the red fridge.


The interior design is so simple and neat. The natural light also cool…what a nice place to live in! 👍💞💞💞

Lotto Pat says:

I love studio apartments

catch this says:

Cool I'm  in southern California in a small single apartment  and its boring lol email me outdoor38k@gmail.com

Jacqueline Bryant says:

Mystic Seaports in Mystic Ct and Museum cool 😎

Katisha Dogisha says:

Girl how do you cook

Major LeeHung says:

We just have a baseball stadium and A TON of nice bars.

Marianne Lottes says:

i am a senior and like living in my studio very much . first i had only a sofabed but found it too inconvenient to convert every evening and morning . so i bought a comfortable twin bed as well which doesn't even look bad in the room . my studio has a kitchenette and a super view from the 16th floor . it saves much on rent . i keep it very tidy .

EyesToSee says:

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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