5 Books That Will Blow Your Mind!

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The Kiss of Deception:

Red Queen:



Crown of Midnight:

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Leah Evans says:

The plot twist in ACOMAF got me

Josephine Vogt says:

When you’ve finished Red Queen some days ago and read Kiss of Deception now…

Dessy Castillote says:

rewatching this video again because I just finished remnant chronicles and only outlander is the book I haven't read yet. but yes my reaction is just as much as the same as yours ahahahahaha I cried in all of these series like DID YOU JUST TWIST THE PLOT TWIST

tessi233 says:

Loved your reactions to the plot twists! Awesome video! 😀

IIheyguysit'smeKittyII says:

we do not speak of the ending of Allegiant. It did not happen.

Shariska says:

Drama queen😂

Sam Chavan says:

I'm reading the kiss of deception b'coz of you.
Edit: I can see that she's more attracted to the guy I'm guessing is the assassin.
But I want her to end up with the prince to be honest 😣😕😕
Edit2: wait…. now I'm getting confused here.
Reading on I don't know who I like.

Jeannie F says:

Lets talk KoA now LIKE COME ON I hated that book so much at one point I threw it at my door I was so mad but tbh I actually loved it a lot lol it’s probably my absolute favorite book how everything was brought together it tore my heart open ❤️

Ayelet Solomon says:

in the next book, Victoria Aveyard kills Shade. WHY, VICTORIA AVEYARD?????????????????

Katherine Shields says:


Thea Matthews says:

The end of the darkest minds…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Aubrey Litchfield says:

I would definitely recommend serafina and the black Cloak

weird and socially awkward :3 says:

I'm listening to the audio book kiss of deception its so good!!!!!!!!

Tota 11 says:

Where is Percy Jackson?

Cece Panda Gaming says:

I hate everyone in the comments right now u all spoiled red queen for me

Cool Dudette says:

I was dead when maven calore changed into a villan

Annika Sky says:

The kiss of deception…. I was one hundred percent sure that Rafe is the killer I don't even know why but I literally thought someone accidentally switched the names while printing this book 😀 I was soooooo confused

Alizae Aiken says:

I watched this video when it first came out, and now I've read all of these books because of you

FaZe SliT says:

Red Queen 1 was obvious lmao MAVEN SUCKKSSSS he dies in the last book so idc

camilo galindrez says:

I immediately read red queen and went on after all the other books. The whole quartet made me cry.

Avik chatterjee says:

You are beautiful….i can heard your cuteness i can smell it😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘..and book.. i forgot sorry (i did not hear anything..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. just see).
Hair silky silky,cheeks milky milky….you are a walking talking vanilla ice cream..

Shukri Mohamed says:

Whats the song in the beginning

Weird.Random. Girl says:

Red queen was alright..ohh The We were Liars plot twist was like JDJSKKSJAKAKA

Tina Z says:

Try young elites series

Mark Jayson Navarro says:

Have you read 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn?. It will inspire you. It's like an atomic bomb to the head, it will really blow your mind with inspiration and many positive aspect in life.

annabianca says:

You're so pretty i love you. I just subscribed and the books are so good thank you💗

Eudécio Gabriel says:

I'll search fof the allegiant

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