4 Must Watch Thriller Series Malayalam Review | Best Crime thriller Web series & Tv series

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Here are the Top 4 must watch Crime thriller series

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01- https://t.me/cinemapranthanmarr/73811

02 – https://t.me/cinemapranthanmarr/15896



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Hari Krishnan says:

Lost😎😎😎😎😎fans like adi



Susna says:

Sherlock ❣️

Naflan ec says:

Ejjathy video❤️👆👌

Faijas Lalu says:

Signal, tunnel, പോലത്തെ investigation webseries ഉണ്ടോ

Faijas Lalu says:

Signal ഒരു രക്ഷയും ഇല്ല 🔥🔥🔥

Faijas Lalu says:


Salih nadeer says:

Bridge evide ithil

Physco Namer says:

Tunnel 🎉🎊

Akshay akku says:

Tunnel 💥
Signal 🔥
Train 🤩
Tell me what you sow 😍

Jibin John says:

Where is mentalist ❓️❓️❓️

VIVEK mohan says:

Memorist, tunnel, train

Pavithra Prabhu says:

Mentalist (crime thriller)


Nigal zomibe dictative korean kandittundo nte ponnuo odukathea comady ahnu

Babu annan fan boi says:

Bro telegram channel kittnilla


sherlock and asurr

Nihal Kt says:

Tunnelum signalum english available aaano

𝐇𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐞..𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐮𝐮 says:

Cid iduu plzzz

iam Adith says:

1  Breaking bad ♥️[drama,]

2 Stranger things.♥️  [Sci-Fi, comedy]

3 Game of thrones♥️Fantasy drama]

4 Lucifer.  ♥️[Fantasy, comedy]

5 Dark.  ♥️ [sci fi , time travell]

6 Money heist.♥️ [suspens thriller]

7 West world.  ♥️ [Sci-Fi , lag nd]

8 End of the fucking world♥️[comedy ]

9 Narcos  ♥️[true,thrilling]

10 Ourplanet♥️[documentary, ]

11 Chernobyl.♥️  [True, thrilling]

12 Lost. ♥️[Adventure,sci fi , mystery]

13 Sherlock.♥️ [Comedy ,thriller]

14 Vikings. ♥️ [adventure,drama]

15 Prison break.♥️  [suspens, thriller]

16 The Boys♥️[comedy, Sci-Fi]

17 Peaky blinders♥️[classic, mass]

18 Black mirror♥️[Drama,must watch]

19 Sex Education ♥️[comedy,drama]

20 IAM not okay with this♥️ [comedy,]

21 The punisher ♥️ [ action thriller]

22 The train ♥️ [Sci-Fi,©rime thriller]

23 Don't fuck with cats ♥️[true, thriller]

24 Kingdom♥️ [horror thriller]

25 Better call Saul ♥️[drama ]

26 Fleabag♥️[ comedy]

27 Elite ♥️[crime Drama]

28 Banshee♥️[Drama,action]

29 umbrella academy ♥️[comedy, supes]

30 Barry ♥️ [comedy,drama]

31 12monkeys♥️[Sci-Fi,thriller]

32 And then there were none❤️[mini, suspens]

33 Daredevil♥️[Drama,action]

34 scam 1992♥️[true,Drama]

35 The leftover❤️[mystery,drama]

36 Death note ❤️[anime , fantasy]

37 Ricky and Morty❤️[anime, comedy]

38 Queen of gambits ❤️[Historical drama]

39 Tiny world ❤️[Documentary]

40 Triples❤️[Tamil,comdey]

41 SEE❤️[Drama]

42 Tunnel❤️[Korean,crime,thriller]

Rahul KS says:

High functioning sociopath 😎

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